Content Clean Up

The Challenge

The quantity of data organizations are managing is growing at an alarming rate. Procuring more storage has been the simple answer to handle the growth; however, additional storage only temporarily treats the symptoms, not the underlying causes of the problem.

Increased data retention policies mandated by organizational, industry, and regulatory compliance standards is a primary contributor to data growth, but a lack of solutions to effectively clean-up stale and unneeded data has also exacerbated the issue as data is only being accumulated over time; not retired in conjunction with the data’s life cycle. Furthermore, more data means more risk for organizations looking to secure content and resources, as the larger the environment becomes, the harder it is to effectively lock down access and identify high risk data (and activity) within the multiple data repositories being supported.

The Solution

StealthAUDIT® Management Platform’s core workflow facilities combined with broad visibility and depth across the Microsoft technology stack allows for the identification and clean-up of stale and unneeded data, resources, and access rights across multiple areas of the environment including: