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STEALTHbits Technology Partners - IBM IBM Business Partner

STEALTHbits works closely with IBM’s Security Division to help IBM security software products to better connect to the Microsoft world. STEALTHbits is an IBM ISV Business Partner and is validated as “Ready for IBM Security Intelligence” through integrations with IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM) and QRadar.

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StealthINTERCEPT® for QRadar

StealthINTERCEPT for QRadar enables organizations to feed highly quality events with concise detail to QRadar regarding change and access events occurring within Active Directory, File Systems, and Exchange in real time.

StealthINTERCEPT for QRadar Customer Benefits:

  • Out of the box threat awareness rules designed specifically for QRadar provide immediate value
  • Consolidated alerts are raised to a much higher level that cannot be ignored
  • Receive real value in terms of identifying and mitigating unauthorized or risky activity
  • Dissimilar events correlated to provide real context around business risk
  • All Accomplished Without the Need for Native Event Log Collection
IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM)

StealthAUDIT® for IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM)

StealthAUDIT for ISIM scans SharePoint sites and network file shares to create an unstructured data entitlement store which is directly fed into the ISIM provisioning workflow, extending access governance and management controls to improve the security of sensitive, unstructured data.

StealthAUDIT for ISIM Customer Benefits:

  • Identify and locate critical and sensitive data
  • Secure access to valuable files/shares
  • Protect critical assets, brand name, consumer confidence
  • Reduce liability and exposure
  • Alert on and mitigate insider threats
  • Make sure the right people have access to the right information

About IBM

STEALTHbits Technology Partners - IBM

IBM® Security solutions are built on a framework that spans hardware, software and services. These capabilities comprise a comprehensive and robust set of tools and best practices designed to help address:

  • Intelligence: Through a common and intuitive view that combines deep analytics with real-time security intelligence.
  • Integration: Through unifying existing tools and infrastructures with new forms of defense in order to reduce complexity and lower the cost of maintaining a strong security posture.
  • Expertise: Through a more proactive and trusted source of truth in order to stay ahead of emerging threats and risks.

IBM’s approach enables a more holistic, comprehensive perspective and can enhance your security maturity.