StealthAUDIT® for Exchange - Microsoft Exchange Reporting Tool

Identify Risk. Track Usage. Decrease Bloat. Secure Exchange.

Managing Exchange today is about identifying risk, understanding usage, and decreasing a decade of bloat. StealthAUDIT for Exchange provides surgical insight into Access, Metrics, Configuration, and more, so organizations can continue to ensure and promote optimal performance using Microsoft Exchange, but with a greater degree of security, efficiency, and compliance than ever before.

RPC Latency Report for Exchange

Answer Critical Questions

Full Access Visibility

  • Who has access to what? - Mailboxes, Public Folders, Distribution List Memberships, PST’s
  • What type of access do they have?

Meaningful Metrics

  • What are users using? - Email, Mobile Devices, Lync services (IM, VOIP, Web Conferencing)
  • How often do they use it?
  • Are objects still needed?

Productivity Concerns:

  • Who's reaching their Mailbox Quota?
  • Is anyone receiving too much mail?

Operational Concerns:

  • Who is causing excessive IIS connections? (EAS, OWA, OAA)
  • Who is causing excessive mail-flow (send/receive)?
  • Are delivery times trending poorly?
  • Are databases reaching dangerous limits?

Security Concerns:

  • Where are improper permissions applied?
  • Who has excessive access or memberships?
  • Who can impersonate another user (Send As)?
  • Who has Full Mailbox Access to a mailbox?
  • Who has administrative access to Exchange?

Benefits of StealthAUDIT for Exchange

  • Mitigate the risk of security and data breach events through in-depth access analysis and remediation
  • Reduce helpdesk traffic and costs through proactive remediation of common issues (exceeding quotas, size limits, etc.)
  • Reduce bloat through the reduction of stale and unneeded resources (Public Folders, Mailboxes, Distribution Lists, etc.)
  • Optimize performance by mitigating the impact of power users on critical infrastructure

White Paper: Solving The Public Folder Problem

Public Folder Clean-up White Paper Thumbnail
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