StealthAUDIT for Exchange - Microsoft Exchange Reporting Solution

Microsoft Exchange Reporting

Microsoft Exchange contains much of the most critical information within an organization. Confidential IP, strategic discussions, partner and customer communication, and other sensitive information is shared daily via email.

Effectively controlling access to mailboxes and public folders, and monitoring and measuring activity by users and their delegates is crucial to guaranteeing the security of your information.

Microsoft Exchange Reporting Solution

The STEALTHbits Advantage

StealthAUDIT for Exchange provides surgical insight into access, usage, and environment configuration so organizations can ensure optimal security and performance within Microsoft Exchange. StealthAUDIT for Exchange lets you answer questions like:

  • Who has access to which mailboxes and public folders?
  • Who can impersonate another user?
  • Who has admin access?
  • How much email is being sent?
  • Who is causing excessive IIS connections?
  • Are databases reaching dangerous limits?
  • Who’s reaching their Mailbox Quota?

Public Folders are old, they’re costing you unnecessary expense, and are putting your organization at risk. Over time, they’ve grown stale and there’s high potential for sensitive data to be sitting unprotected in this largely ungoverned data repository.

Public Folder Cleanup Report

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