StealthAUDIT® for Exchange

Identify Risk. Track Usage. Decrease Bloat. Secure Exchange.

Managing the security and operational integrity of Microsoft Exchange Server in today’s enterprise requires a new and different set of capabilities. The main question used to be “how is Exchange performing?”. But as expectations have shifted to every installation of Exchange being high performance, so has the conversation about what questions really need to be asked about Exchange today.

Managing Exchange today is about identifying risk, understanding usage, and decreasing a decade of bloat. StealthAUDIT® for Exchange provides surgical insight into Access, Metrics, Configuration, and more, so organizations can continue to ensure and promote optimal performance, but with a greater degree of security, efficiency, and compliance than ever before.

Full Access Visibility

  • Who has access to what? - Mailboxes, Public Folders, Distribution List Memberships, PST’s
  • What type of access do they have?

Meaningful Metrics

  • What are users using? - Email, Mobile Devices, Lync services (IM, VOIP, Web Conferencing)
  • How often do they use it?
  • Are objects still needed?

Where is Attention Required?

Productivity Concerns:

  • Who's reaching their Mailbox Quota?
  • Is anyone receiving too much mail?

Operational Concerns:

  • Who is causing excessive IIS connections? (EAS, OWA, OAA)
  • Who is causing excessive mail-flow (send/receive)?
  • Are delivery times trending poorly?
  • Are databases reaching dangerous limits?

Security Concerns:

  • Where are improper permissions applied?
  • Who has excessive access or memberships?
  • Who can impersonate another user (Send As)?
  • Who has Full Mailbox Access to a mailbox?
  • Who has administrative access to Exchange?
  • Mitigate the risk of security and data breach events through in-depth access analysis and remediation
  • Reduce helpdesk traffic and costs through proactive remediation of common issues (exceeding quotas, size limits, etc.)
  • Reduce bloat through the reduction of stale and unneeded resources (Public Folders, Mailboxes, Distribution Lists, etc.)
  • Optimize performance by mitigating the impact of power users on critical infrastructure

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