Audit & Compliance

The Challenge

For many organizations, the words Audit and Compliance elicit fear and panic. Audit failures and compliance fines can cost companies millions of dollars, not to mention millions more in damaged reputation and business loss, so it’s no mystery why these two simple words carry the negative connotation they do.

Whether you’re an Internal or External Auditor, Compliance Officer, IT Administrator or Manager, a Security Professional, or even a CIO, everyone plays a vital role in keeping the organization’s assets clean, secure, and compliant. However, despite the involvement of so many different groups within the organization, existing management tools rarely cross the invisible boundaries created between them, making the task of staying compliant even more difficult.

The Solution

StealthAUDIT® Management Platform truly bridges the gap between IT Management and Compliance, providing a single product for all groups within the organization to leverage in the assessment, analysis, remediation, and validation of audit and compliance requirements. StealthAUDIT® contains preconfigured baselines around many of the top compliance regulations including SOX, HIPAA, PCI, and NERC CIP as well as best practice baselines for applications such as Exchange Reporting, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, SQL Server, IIS, Active Directory, and more. Furthermore, StealthAUDIT® comprehensive Rules Engine allows organizations to create their own baseline from scratch or template, allowing for complete control and customization of the checks being performed.

For more information about StealthAUDIT®'s audit and compliance capabilities, here are some more resources: