Baseline Compliance

The Challenge

Adhering to compliance standards represents a daunting challenge for businesses of virtually any size. Particular industries such as Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Biotech, Financial Services, Insurance, Energy, and Government all have governing bodies like HIPAA, FERC, SOX, PCI, FISMA and NERC which oversee auditing of compliance requirements. Often, organizations found to be out of compliance are served with hefty fines. Administrators and Compliance Regulators alike are tasked with monitoring their environments for signs of noncompliance, correcting issues, and being able to demonstrate their levels of compliance.

The Solution

StealthAUDIT® for Systems Governance provides breadth and depth across the Microsoft Infrastructure and Application space enables the automation of data collection, analysis, and reporting to drastically reduce the manpower and number of tools needed to prove compliance to both internal and external auditors. StealthAUDIT® features preconfigured templates for many common regulatory compliance requirements, ensuring that key questions can be answered right out of the box. It also allows you to take action against issues you find to ensure that your environment stays compliant.

For more information about StealthAUDIT®'s audit and compliance capabilities, here are some more resources:

  • Initiate Entitlement Reviews through integrated Sendmail & Survey modules
  • Delete unauthorized content and applications, set Registry keys correctly, Change Permissions and Rights within Active Directory and at the Local System
  • Alert and Notify appropriate parties about exceeded thresholds, configuration changes, access events, event log entries, or thousands of user-configurable alerts
  • Distribute and View interactive reports