• Protecting Credentials and Data - Your Most Vulnerable Targets

    STEALTHbits Technologies is a cybersecurity software company focused on protecting an organization’s sensitive data and the credentials attackers use to steal that data.


    STEALTHbits Access Library is a collection of popular resource access connectors available to any StealthAUDIT customer for free.  Connect anything.  See it all.
    Your single pane of glass for data access rights.

  • Announcing StealthDEFEND 2.0

    For Active Directory and File Systems, StealthDEFEND 2.0 combines an enriched, optimized audit stream of activity with relevant contextual data to effectively build organizational behavioral profiles using unsupervised machine learning algorithms. The result is the ability to detect and respond to abnormal behavior and advanced attacks with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

  • Announcing StealthAUDIT 8.2

    The platform is the power behind the StealthAUDIT products. It has the automation, management, and integration building blocks that ensure the solutions’ advanced data collection and analysis deliver meaningful results to your team, your infrastructure, and your other technologies.

  • ANNOUNCING StealthINTERCEPT 6.1, STEALTHbits Activity Monitor 4.1, AND StealthRECOVER 1.4

    Continuing to develop best-in-class security solutions, STEALTHbits Technologies is excited to announce the release of StealthINTERCEPT 6.1, STEALTHbits Activity Monitor 4.1 and StealthRECOVER 1.4.  In addition to the important enhancements made to Active Directory and LDAP Auditing functionality in this latest release of StealthINTERCEPT, users will experience performance and functionality improvements with their use of STEALTHbits Activity Monitor 4.1 and StealthRECOVER 1.4.

  • The Ponemon Institute 2018 Study

    The 2018 Study on the State of Data Access Governance, sponsored by STEALTHbits Technologies, reveals the importance of a Data Access Governance program that can effectively reduce the risk created by employees’ and privileged users’ accidental and conscious exposure of confidential data.

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Every attacker is after two things: credentials and data. Organizations still have little visibility into Active Directory where most credentials are stored – and unstructured data repositories where 80% of information is housed. In addition to this limited visibility, they also lack controls to govern and secure credentials and data. This leads to tremendous risk, vulnerability and the increased likelihood of a data breach.

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Martin Cannard

Attackers want to steal or encrypt your business data, and to do that they need the credentials stored in Active Directory. If you want to protect your data, you need to discover it and place protective controls around it. Active Directory can only protect your data when it's clean, well understood, and monitored."

- Martin Cannard

Vice President - Product Strategy


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Reduce Security

STEALTHbits enables organizations to reduce and manage data access, monitor and enforce security policy, and detect threats that pose risk to their most critical assets.

Fulfill Compliance Requirements

STEALTHbits reduces the time, effort and cost associated with producing compliance artifacts and fulfilling requirements across dozens of standards worldwide, such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, EU GDPR, GLBA, FISMA, ITAR, and MAS.

Decrease Operations Expense

STEALTHbits’ ability to automate countless manual, time-consuming tasks enables organizations to reduce operating costs and boost efficiency.

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