Credentials & Data

Your Most Vulnerable Targets

Stealthbits is the only cybersecurity solutions provider focused not only on protecting an organization’s sensitive data, but the credentials that supply access to it.

Learn why our approach is what truly sets us apart.

With Stealthbits, There’s More to Data-Centric Security

Although critical to the equation, securing your data is so much more than limiting who has access to it. Data security relies on the security of Active Directory. The security of Active Directory relies on the security of the desktop and server infrastructure Active Directory is most commonly compromised from.

Stealthbits is the only vendor that addresses each layer of the stack, providing the most comprehensive and pragmatic Data-Centric Audit & Protection (DCAP) solution for the security of your unstructured and structured data, regardless of where it’s located.

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Data Access Governance

Data Access Governance

Reduce data access and permissions to appropriate levels.

Active Directory Security

Active Directory Security

Manage and secure Active Directory – the mechanism that supplies access to all your data.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management

Control privileged activities and delegate administrative access safely.

Learn About Our Enterprise-Scale Products

(For Your Enterprise-Scale Problems)

Reporting & Governance


Limit access to data, systems, and applications

Threat Detection & Response


ML-driven threat analytics, alerting, and response

Privileged Access Management

stealthbits PAM

Secure, task-based Privileged Access Management

Monitoring & Control


Monitor and enforce security and operational policy

Rollback & Recovery


Rollback and recovery of undesired changes & deletions

Integrate With Your Existing Investments

At Stealthbits, we pride ourselves on interoperability. We want to integrate with the other technology investments you’ve made, which is why we maintain certified technology partnerships with many of the industry’s leading vendors and an open architecture that allows you to integrate with virtually anything you’d like.

Learn Why Customers Love Stealthbits

"Great platform to improve security & data governance"

- Director of Infrastructure & Security in the Finance Industry

5 out of 5

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What's Hot

Database Security Solutions

Comprehensive Database Auditing & Monitoring

Databases often contain the most sensitive information within any organization. Learn how Stealthbits is helping to strengthen security and automate compliance for structured data.

StealthDEFEND 2.1

Threat Detection & Response

Our latest release of StealthDEFEND packs a punch with the addition of Honey Tokens, new Active Directory threat patterns, and more. Explore what’s new in StealthDEFEND 2.1

Stealthbits’ CDSA

The Ultimate Security Assessment

Know you have a problem, but no time to build your business case? Stealthbits’ Credential & Data Security Assessment (CDSA) is your Business Justification in a box. Learn more

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