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Active Directory (AD) is growing more complex, less secure, and more difficult to manage as it ages. Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, consolidations, reorganizations and many more business events rely on answers to questions about access and simple, efficient AD services. If your organization has regulation and compliance requirements, the mess in AD will be a major impediment to meeting your goals. Major initiatives like Identity and Access Management that bring huge gains to the business from the power of IT are also hampered when AD isn’t ready to be part of the solution.

Gain the Insight Required to Clean Up Active Directory

STEALTHbits gives you a complete inventory of your Active Directory objects and relationships. This information enables you to identify the root cause of issues and remediate them in only a few clicks. Here are 5 steps for streamlining the clean-up of AD:

  1. Mitigate Toxic Conditions
  2. Analyze Groups
  3. Uncover Group Grants
  4. Determine Ownership
  5. Tie it all Together


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