Active Directory Permissions Auditing and Reporting

Auditing, managing, and reporting on Active Directory permissions using native capabilities is difficult and time-consuming. Our comprehensive, preconfigured analyses and reports enable organizations to easily and automatically determine AD permissions.


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Gain the Most Authoritative View of AD Permissions

Domain, OU, & Object Permissions

Analyze and report on OU, user, group, and computer permissions to identify security risks.

Group Memberships

Identify group memberships and the access they can grant to sensitive areas in AD.

Effective Access to Change Objects

Determine who has effective access to make changes to admin groups in AD.

Inheritance on Objects

Uncover broken inheritance on objects to reduce complexity and remediate toxic conditions.

Rod Simmons - VP of Product Strategy for Active Directory

Organizations without the tools to automate the monitoring and reporting of privileged access within their AD-centric environments always end up having embarrassing numbers of people with unsanctioned authority. Stealthbits’ AD solutions automate the laborious tasks associated with constantly ensuring AD security."

- Randy Franklin Smith

Active Directory Auditing Reports

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