CyberArk and Stealthbits help you control access to the privileged accounts used to collect sensitive information from onpremises and cloud systems and applications

Improve Security Results Using CyberArk & Stealthbits Together

CyberArk is as laser-focused on the security of privileged accounts and sessions as Stealthbits is on credentials and data. CyberArk benefits from our focus by getting more high quality data, and we benefit by leveraging the security of CyberArk’s vault in our platform’s operations. Together, CyberArk and Stealthbits work to ensure your controls are applied to more accounts in a comprehensive way.

The CyberArk & Stealthbits Solution

It begins with getting CyberArk’s market-leading privileged Identity Management applied to more and more of your infrastructure. Stealthbits’ deep auditing and analysis of where privilege exists, how it is granted, and who is most likely in charge of those privileges from a business standpoint, gives you what you need to apply the automation and vaulting from CyberArk more widely and effectively. Stealthbits can act like a factory that will help automate the discovery, contextualization, and onboarding of an ever-widening horizon of accounts that must be controlled.

Stealthbits can also improve the security of its own operations by leveraging CyberArk. Like any other application, Stealthbits needs access to privilege to get things done. We’ve taken advantage of our membership in the C3 Alliance and the CyberArk APIs to integrate with the vault. Now we don’t need to manage privileged accounts to get things done. We can pull credentials on demand from the authoritative source.

Credential-Protected Data Collection

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Secure, Credential-Protected Data Collection with CyberArk and Stealthbits

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CyberArk Expands C3 Alliance to Drive Greater Cyber Security Innovation and Collaboration

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