Domain Consolidation / Migration

Consolidating domains often takes far longer and costs far more than originally planned. Simple questions such as "what should we move?" and "if we move this, what will break?" are extremely difficult to answer, and Active Directory is largely to blame. Your AD environment is likely a chaotic mess of user objects, groups with nesting nightmares, and objects that may not exist anymore. All of this makes consolidation virtually impossible.

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The Stealthbits Solution: Consolidate with Confidence

Stealthbits gives organizations the power to take back control of their Active Directory prior to a consolidation and maintain order post-migration. A comprehensive AD inventory combined with access information gives Stealthbits customers every piece of information they need to ensure they are migrating the right data to the right place without disrupting business functionality or sacrificing security during the process.

Answering these questions about your source environments will give you the actionable information you need to plan and execute your consolidation.

Domain Consolidation - What Can We Delete?

What Can We Delete?

We’ll show you the stale objects and empty or duplicate groups that can be safely deleted prior to the consolidation.

Domain Consolidation - What’s Going To Break?

What’s Going To Break?

We’ll show you how users, groups, data and applications are related, and provide impact analysis of changes.


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