Dropbox Security Auditing and Reporting Software

STEALTHbits provides comprehensive visibility into the data stored on Dropbox Enterprise.

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Reporting Capabilities for Enhanced Dropbox Security

Sharing & Content

  • Identify all shares by team, their sharing policy, and owners
  • Identify all files that have gone stale and their owners for clean-up and risk mitigation purposes
  • Understand all Dropbox file types to determine what type of data users are storing (e.g. applications, images, documents, messages, etc.)


  • Publish Dropbox entitlements to IAM/IGA platforms through open data views

Auditing & Reporting

  • Identify effective access to Dropbox resources, how access has been granted, what level of access users have, and their role
  • Identify stale access rights
  • Catalog all groups, their owners, and associated members


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