Stealthbits’ ePHI Security Assessment

The security of patient records and data begins with a comprehensive audit of your environment. See how Stealthbits can help you find ePHI across structured and unstructured data repositories.

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Uncover Critical Credential and Data Risks

ePHI Data


Discover ePHI, open access rights, high-risk permissions, and stale patient records that are putting your organization at risk.

ePHI Credentials


Pinpoint vulnerabilities in Active Directory permissions, account passwords, privileged access rights, configurations, objects, and more.

ePHI Systems


Identify privileged access rights, service accounts, critical misconfigurations and conditions attackers exploit to steal credentials from shared workstations and administrative endpoints

ePHI Attack Paths

Attack Paths

ePHI attack path analysis identifies users with indirect or otherwise unknown access to ePHI data (aka Shadow Access)

What Do You Get?

With Stealthbits’ ePHI Security Assessment, you’ll receive a full assessment and calculation of risk across some of the most critical and often misunderstood areas of your healthcare environment (whether you’re completely on-premises, in the cloud, or operating in hybrid mode), including File Systems, SharePoint, Exchange, Office 365, AWS S3, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL, and Oracle Databases, Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and Windows Desktop and Server infrastructure.

ePHI Security Assessment - Comprehensive Visibility

Comprehensive Visibility

With 100+ security checks in total, the ePHI security assessment identifies critical security conditions and misconfigurations across an organization’s on-premises and cloud-based data repositories, Active Directory, and Windows infrastructure.

ePHI Security Assessment - Fast, No-Impact Scanning

Fast, No-Impact Scanning

With no agents to deploy and the ability to run from an existing system located anywhere in your environment, you’ll get all the data you need without making changes to your infrastructure or incurring additional costs.

ePHI Security Assessment - Valuable Output

Valuable Output

A detailed Executive Summary highlights where attention is needed most and why, allowing healthcare administrators to fully understand the nature of the risks identified and why they’re important to remediate.

ePHI Security Assessment - Extensible Options

Extensible Options

Want more? Stealthbits offers a full portfolio of credential and data security solutions. Snap in additional products and take your evaluation to another level, identifying active threats, violations of security and operational policy, and more.

Stealthbits Partners

Are you a Stealthbits Partner? If so, you can run Stealthbits’ ePHI Security Assessment for your customers too. Give us a shout and we’ll schedule training for your team.


ePHI Security Assessment

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