Controlling Unstructured Data with ISIM

Today, organizations leverage IBM’s Security Identity Manager to manage access to their critical applications, databases, and directory services. Unfortunately, that access governance does not extend into the massive amounts of data contained in File Shares and SharePoint Sites. This is a critical problem for organizations as Unstructured Data (user-generated data) represents nearly 80% of all information in an organization, and often contains sizable amounts of sensitive content in the form of Personally Identifiable Information or Intellectual Property.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) frameworks are blind to the entitlements being granted to unstructured data resources. In order to support these systems you need deep visibility into Active Directory and the ability to scan the trillions of permissions distributed across File Systems and SharePoint – which IAM frameworks just don’t have.

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Benefits of Stealthbits & ISIM

StealthAUDIT for ISIM eliminates that blind spot! Through agent-less file system and SharePoint permission scanning techniques, as well as deep insight into Active Directory, Stealthbits creates the entitlement catalog that is missing from unstructured data repositories and feeds it directly to ISIM. The result – automated access governance over unstructured data, using the same workflows ISIM users leverage today.

Extend access governance and data management controls to improve the security of sensitive data and unstructured data
  • Extend the Investment in IBM Security Identity Manager
    • Rather than introduce another solution, resulting in the need for more budget and IT work-hours, extend ISIM’s value into unstructured data
  • Automated Access Management for Unstructured Data
    • Request, Provision, Review, and Revoke Access to your critical File Shares and SharePoint Sites
  • Risk Reduction
    • With a repeatable process allowing business users to request access, and data custodians to review, revoke, and attest access, deliver the right access to the right people every time – reducing the risk of data loss and insider theft due to over provisioned or improper access privileges
  • Compliance Fulfillment
    • A complete audit trail of all requests and changes enables streamlined proof of compliance


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