IT Service Management Integrations

ITSM platforms enable uniform execution of processes across IT, provide cost-saving automation, and increase efficiency across multiple disciplines within an organization.

When STEALTHbits identifies conditions and misconfigurations that need attention, customers can easily integrate STEALTHbits’ products with their ITSM platform, ensuring all relevant information is published seamlessly to their single system of record.

We integrate with the market’s leading ITSM platforms.

Compatible Integrations

Technology Integrations - BMC
Technology Integrations - Jira
Technology Integrations - Zendesk

How STEALTHbits Can Help

STEALTHbits’ users leverage products like StealthAUDIT and StealthINTERCEPT to assess and monitor a broad array of technologies in their environments, from Active Directory to File Systems, Exchange Servers, SharePoint farms, SQL databases, and the Operating Systems they all rely upon.

When StealthAUDIT or StealthINTERCEPT identify an issue, such as an account lockout, improperly configured security setting, openly accessible file share, or even a sensitive file in a place it shouldn’t be, the information can easily be sent to ITSM platforms like ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, or Jira for proper tracking and routing to responsible parties.

Need to integrate with a different ITSM platform?

STEALTHbits’ flexible, secure, open architecture allows for integration with virtually any modern technology. Whether through certified 3rd party vendor integrations, at the database layer, or via built-in exportation and communication mechanisms, chances are we can automate your manual process so you can focus your time and attention elsewhere.

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ServiceNow Integration with StealthAUDIT

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