StealthAUDIT 9.0 Is Here!

Continuing to provide the most comprehensive Data Access Governance and Active Directory Management & Security portfolio available, with the launch of this release users are enabled to better address Cloud Migration & AD Consolidation projects, as well as adhere to the various compliance mandates that apply to their business.

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AD Activity Intelligence & Reporting

Via integration with StealthINTERCEPT, StealthDEFEND, or Stealthbits Active Directory Activity Monitor, StealthAUDIT for Active Directory has been enhanced to provide advanced analysis and reporting for Active Directory activity.

Active Directory is perpetually in motion. At every second of every day, Active Directory is authenticating users and authorizing their access to the resources it’s been connected to, fielding requests for information, and undergoing changes on the smallest and sometimes largest of scales. Most organizations rely on this valuable information stream to address a wide variety of real-time requirements aligning to security, compliance, and operational concepts. However, many don’t realize that the answers to some of their most difficult challenges reside in this very same dataset – it just needs to be evaluated through a different lens and over much longer periods of time. In StealthAUDIT v9.0, users can now perform bulk, historical, and contextual analysis of Active Directory activity data to answer the most challenging questions AD administrators face, such as:

  • Where are groups being used?
  • Who and what interfaces with each system?
  • Where have applications been hardcoded to specific Domain Controllers?
  • What are the most costly queries being run against AD?
  • Which changes are affecting sensitive data access or elevating privileged access rights in unapparent ways? (Shadow Access)

Differential Scanning for Active Directory Permissions

Active Directory Permissions Analyzer scan speeds have been drastically improved for both initial object permissions inventory and subsequent scans with the introduction of differential scan support.

With over 30 permissions that can applied to any object in AD, keeping an accurate inventory of dozens of permissions across thousands and even millions of objects can be time-consuming, challenging, or even impossible for some organizations leveraging native tools and techniques. Unfortunately, improperly assigned or unauthorized permissions to critical Active Directory objects provide attackers with an easy and discrete path to account compromise, leaving many organizations exposed to permission vulnerabilities they cannot account for. To allow users to keep pace with the speed at which Active Directory changes, StealthAUDIT Active Directory Permissions Analyzer has been enhanced with significantly increased scan speeds through the introduction of differential scanning, as well as increased initial scan speed. With the intelligence to only collect data that has changed since the previous scan, even the largest environments can maintain an accurate inventory of object permissions across every object at all times.

Oracle Auditing & Reporting

A new Oracle solution is available, offering the ability to collect and report on permissions, activity events, sensitive data, and configuration related information within an organization’s Oracle database environment.

Data privacy and security applies to all types of data in all the places it can be stored. Much of the most sensitive data within any organization originates from or resides within database platforms like Oracle – especially for mission-critical applications in the world’s largest enterprises. As part of Stealthbits’ comprehensive Data Access Governance suite for structured and unstructured data, StealthAUDIT for Oracle automates the process of understanding where Oracle databases exist, who has access to them and how, who or what is leveraging their access privileges, where sensitive information resides, and how each database has been configured. With visibility into every corner of their Oracle databases, organizations can proactively highlight and prioritize risks to sensitive data, including unauthorized access, access overexposure, and critical security misconfiguration. Additionally, organizations can automate manual, time-consuming, and expensive processes associated with compliance, security, and operations to easily adhere to best practices that keep Oracle databases safe and operational.

AIP Integration


The File System data collector has been enhanced to collect AIP Protection labels and scan for sensitive data within files protected by AIP.

Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP) has quickly become one of the most widely used data classification and protection solutions for file data within enterprises of all sizes. While AIP provides enterprise-class encryption capabilities, it lacks the ability to provide Administrators with a consolidated view of their sensitive data footprint across their Microsoft and Non-Microsoft platforms, both on-premises and in the cloud. In StealthAUDIT v9.0, users can now collect AIP Protection labels and scan for sensitive data within files protected by AIP across file systems on Windows, Unix, Linux, and NAS platforms. With cross-platform visibility into where protected and unprotected sensitive data resides, organizations are better equipped to make decisions regarding user access rights, demonstrate compliance with various standards, and mitigate the risk of data breach.

Third party applications can now integrate with StealthAUDIT via a new REST API, which allows for querying of StealthAUDIT’s backend database for collected data

Representational State Transfer (REST) web services have become the de facto mechanism for integration in the web application world in which we live. Built to be flexible and extensible, REST API’s allow for interoperability between virtually any modern technologies quickly, easily, and at scale. StealthAUDIT has always provided robust capabilities to support interoperability, and with v9.0, users can now leverage a new REST API to facilitate integrations and automate manual processes. This initial version focuses on supplying users with access to any of the data contained within StealthAUDIT’s database, allowing organizations to create and maintain powerful data views to drive workflows and decision-making processes.

Additional Enhancements

Cloud Enhancements

  • Azure ADI: Collect Extended Attributes - The Azure ADI data collector has been enhanced to collect extended attributes on Azure Active Directory principals.
  • Box Activity: New functionality has been added to the Box Solution in order to collect and report on activity events within Box Enterprise environments.
  • Box Performance Improvements (Imports): Box data imports have been optimized for increased performance.
  • Box SDK Update (File-Level Permissions): The Box data collector has been updated in order to collect file-level permissions from files that exist within Box Enterprise environments.
  • Dropbox Sensitive Data Discovery in AIC: Dropbox Sensitive Data reports are now available in the AIC.

Windows Security Enhancements

  • Windows Sessions Report: The StealthAUDIT for Windows solution set has been enhanced with the capability to collect Sessions and LoggedOnUsers data from Windows endpoints. The information collected in this job highlights potential scenarios where a user’s credentials are left in memory, and could be leveraged in a Pass-the-Hash attack.

Exchange Enhancements

  • Exchange 2019 Support: The StealthAUDIT for Exchange solution set has been enhanced to support Exchange 2019 environments.
  • Exchange in the AIC: Exchange Permissions, Sensitive Data, and logon information is now available within the AIC.

File System Enhancements

  • File System Action Module: A new operation has been added to the file system action module allowing users to assign an owner on a folder.
  • File System File Type Selection for Sensitive Data Discovery Scans: The File System data collector file type selection UI has been enhanced to allow a more granular selection of file types and categories
  • File System Improved Scoping Options: New and improved scoping options have been added to the File System data collector allowing for the ability to both include and exclude shares and folders. The inclusion of shares and folders also allows the ability to scope to specific collection settings within each scope configuration, such as collecting file metadata (such as tags).
  • File System Sensitive Data Discovery Last Access Timestamp Preservation: The File System data collector has been enhanced to preserve the Last Access Time metadata for Windows and NetApp.

SharePoint Enhancements

  • SharePoint 2019 Support: SharePoint 2019 farms are now supported by the SharePoint solution set.
  • SharePoint Bulk Import Performance Improvements: SharePoint data imports have been optimized for increased performance.
  • SharePoint File Level Activity: New functionality has been added to the SharePoint solution in order to collect and report on activity events within on-premises SharePoint environments.
  • SharePoint Improved Scoping Options: New and improved scoping options have been added to the SharePoint data collector allowing for the ability to both include and exclude web applications, site collections, and sites.
  • SharePoint Sensitive Data Discovery OCR Support: SharePoint sensitive data scans can now identify sensitive data within image files
  • SharePoint Support for Authentication via Application Keys: The SharePoint data collector can now authenticate to SharePoint environments by leveraging applications registered within the SharePoint environment

Reporting Enhancements

  • StealthAUDIT Core SSL/TLS Support for Emails: New security options have been added to StealthAUDIT core to allow for SSL/TLS connections when sending emails.

Core Enhancements

  • StealthAUDIT Core support for FQDN scans: New options have been added to StealthAUDIT core to better support environments where NetBIOS has been disabled, allowing customers to target their servers leveraging the FQDN


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