StealthAUDIT Version 7.2 Features & Enhancements

StealthAUDIT v7.2 has arrived, with many new exciting features and enhancements. To learn more about what the update has to offer, see the details below:

Some highlights of the new release include:

  • Sensitive Data Reviews – The Access Information Center (AIC) has been enhanced to introduce a workflow for resource owners to review the sensitive data within their shared folders and SharePoint sites. This new review type allows owners to mark “hits” as false-positives, as well as inspect the files that have sensitive information in them to decide which files require remediation.
  • New File System Activity Threats –The File System Suspicious Activity Report Set has been enhanced to incorporate six new threat models including Ransomware, Sensitive Data Activity, Stale File Activity, User Share Activity, Peer Group Activity, and Modified Binaries. The reporting provided by these new analyses enable users to alert upon statistically significant deviations from normal user activity, indicative of advanced and insider threats to file system data.
  • File System Clean-up Solution Set – This new solution set enables organizations to identify and remediate stale data that no longer needs to be managed. The solution can be fully automated to verify remediation decisions with data owners and perform a variety of actions such as moving or deleting the data.
  • Unix Privileged Account Discovery – StealthAUDIT for Systems has been enhanced to support privileged account discovery across Unix and Linux operating systems. Reporting is provided to enable users to determine who has privileged access to each Unix or Linux system (e.g. rights provisioned through Sudo).

Product Enhancements

  • Exchange Online and Exchange 2016 Support – StealthAUDIT’s Exchange Solution Set has been enhanced to now support auditing and reporting of Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online, as well as Exchange 2016 for on-premises installations.
  • Ability to view Sensitive Data hits – The Access Information Center (AIC) has been enhanced to allow users with proper access to view sensitive data “hits”, defined as the sensitive data found, as well as the prefix and suffix text from the document.
  • Sensitive Data Discovery – False Positive Management – StealthAUDIT has been enhanced to provide streamlined management of false-positives, dictated through end-user feedback. If a file is marked as a false-positive, the reviewer will not be asked to review the data again unless the file has changed.