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StealthRECOVER enables organizations to quickly and easily rollback and recover unintended directory changes. StealthRECOVER focuses on the Active Directory data that matters to you most. Without downtime, it enables point in time rollback and recovery of AD objects, attributes, group memberships, DNS, state of accounts, and more. Easily browse multiple snapshots and leverage granular full text search to effortlessly rollback and recover only the information that is required.

When used in conjunction with STEALTHbits’ Active Directory threat monitoring, change detection, and clean-up capabilities, or as a stand-alone solution, StealthRECOVER makes rolling back and recovering from accidental or malicious changes fast, safe, and easy.

Some highlights of the new release include:

Enhanced User Experience

Enhanced User Experience

Significant enhancements to StealthRECOVER’s user interface enables users to achieve more in fewer clicks. Key enhancements include improvements to snapshot and rollup views, optimized page layouts, and advanced filtration options.

When unwanted changes occur within Active Directory, Administrators need to be able to quickly and confidently rollback and recover AD to a healthy state. Improvements to snapshot and rollup views, page organization, and advanced filtration options not only make StealthRECOVER easier to use, but provide Administrators the confidence to make changes because they’ll understand exactly what is going to happen prior to committing a change.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

StealthRECOVER’s “Search” facility has been enhanced to provide detailed information on any individual object with a full historical timeline of any and all changes made to the object since it was first observed. Users can optionally roll back individual attributes or completely revert an object to any prior state.

Administrators needing to investigate and understand individual objects and all their changes over any period of time now have a simple mechanism to review, rollback, or revert objects to any prior state or condition. StealthRECOVER’s Advanced Search capabilities save valuable time for Administrators, enabling what otherwise was an impossible task using native tools.

Enhanced Deleted Object Recovery

Enhanced Deleted Object Recovery

When recovering deleted objects, StealthRECOVER now provides additional options such as automatically enabling objects and setting a temporary password.

When recovering deleted objects, the restoration process can still require manual intervention to make the object usable once again, such as enabling the object from a disabled state or setting a new password for the object. StealthRECOVER provides users the ability to automate the most common manual processes associated with deleted object recovery, saving time and reducing end-user downtime.

Automatic Revert

Automatic Revert

StealthRECOVER’s “Revert” option allows users to automatically revert all of an object’s configurations to any previously recorded state in a single operation.

In situations where all of an object’s attributes and configurations need to be restored to a previous state, not just individual attributes, StealthRECOVER’s “Revert” option allows users to accomplish the task in a single click, saving time and the complexity of rolling back potentially dozens of attributes individually.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control

StealthRECOVER console security has been enhanced with the addition of Role-based Access Controls. Templatized designations of Administrator, Security Team, and Auditor can be assigned, limiting what users can do within the product.

Privileged access to Active Directory, whether direct or delegated through another process or product, needs to be tightly controlled. StealthRECOVER’s Role-Based Access Control facilities enable organizations to interact with StealthRECOVER, and thus Active Directory, both appropriately and safely.

Additional Features:

Result Grid Export – Export functions have been added to grid elements for easy exportation of data to .csv format.

User Account Control (UAC) Setting Resolution – User-friendly formatting of User Account Control settings.

Console Security

  • IP Restrictions – Users can now restrict console access from defined IP ranges
  • Custom Ports – Users can now define which ports StealthRECOVER communicates over
  • HTTPS Support – Users can now ensure StealthRECOVER network communications are secure

AD LDS Support – StealthRECOVER can now rollback changes and recover deletions made to Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS).

SID History Recovery – When restoring deleted objects, their associated SIDs are recovered as well.

Email Notifications – Users are automatically alerted if a backup fails.

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