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StealthRECOVER enables organizations to quickly and easily rollback and recover unintended directory changes. StealthRECOVER focuses on the Active Directory data that matters to you most. Without downtime, it enables point in time rollback and recovery of AD objects, attributes, group memberships, DNS, state of accounts, and more. Easily browse multiple snapshots and leverage granular full text search to effortlessly rollback and recover only the information that is required.

When used in conjunction with Stealthbits’ Active Directory threat monitoring, change detection, and clean-up capabilities, or as a stand-alone solution, StealthRECOVER makes rolling back and recovering from accidental or malicious changes fast, safe, and easy.

Some highlights of the new release include:

Backup and Rollback of Active Directory Sites and Services

Backup and Rollback of Active Directory Sites and Services

An Active Directory environment has two topologies, the logical and the physical. The logical topology represents the security boundaries of the network and is commonly referred to as a “domain”. The physical topology represents the structure of the network. It includes both the material (e.g., the physical placement of hardware) and the immaterial (e.g., IP address allocations). This physical topology is represented in Active Directory’s Sites and Services. Its primary functions are to manage replication, configure service locations, and facilitate efficient authentication.

StealthRECOVER now supports the backup and rollback of this critical Active Directory functionality.

Read-Only Active Directory Schema Backup

Read-Only Active Directory Schema Backup

The Active Directory schema is a set of formal definitions that describe every object and attribute that can exist within an Active Directory forest and how they are used to store data. This standardization allows Active Directory to store and replicate information from a potentially endless variety of sources.

StealthRECOVER now supports the read-only backup of the Active Directory schema, which will provide users with increased visibility into any changes which may occur in their environment.

Enhanced Rollback Logic

Enhanced Rollback Logic

In previous releases, if a user attempted to restore an object into a container that had itself been deleted, the rollback operation would fail. If that user was paying attention and had included the deleted container in their rollback operation the system would successfully restore the container, but the object recovery might still fail on that first attempt as the system would sometimes try to restore the object before the container.

StealthRECOVER now automatically notifies users of deleted parent containers when attempting to restore an object and provides the option to include the containers as part of the object rollback operation. Improvements were also made to the underlying rollback logic to enforce the necessary order of operations in this type of situation.

Backup and Rollback Resiliency

Backup and Rollback Resiliency

As our user base has continued to expand we have had the opportunity to encounter seen some truly strange stuff hiding deep in the Active Directories of various organizations. Unsurprisingly, some of these issues (e.g., bizarre permission precedence issues with the service account or inexplicably-malformed objects) could potentially stop a backup or rollback in its tracks.

StealthRECOVER has been updated to improve its ability to report and continue operations in these types of unanticipated situations.

Threading Re-architecture and Database Optimization

Threading Re-architecture and Database Optimization

The new functionality and improvements included in this release of StealthRECOVER introduce associated costs in terms of the time required to perform backups and rollbacks.

StealthRECOVER’s underlying threading has been re-designed to accommodate these changes and allow StealthRECOVER to perform backup and rollback operations in a more intelligent and resilient manner without a significant decrease in performance. The results of our QA benchmark testing actually lead us to believe that these changes may, in fact, yield noticeable performance improvements on a well-provisioned host.

Logging Improvements

Logging Improvements

StealthRECOVER’s logging functionality has been enhanced to facilitate the effective troubleshooting of future issues.

StealthRECOVER - User Interface Improvements

User Interface Improvements

StealthRECOVER 1.3 looks good. Seriously, check it out. The UI team has really been rocking!

Additional Features:

StealthRECOVER UI Enhancements

Result Grid Export – Export functions have been added to grid elements for easy exportation of data to .csv format.

User Account Control (UAC) Setting Resolution – User-friendly formatting of User Account Control settings.

Console Security

  • IP Restrictions – Users can now restrict console access from defined IP ranges
  • Custom Ports – Users can now define which ports StealthRECOVER communicates over
  • HTTPS Support – Users can now ensure StealthRECOVER network communications are secure

AD LDS Support – StealthRECOVER can now rollback changes and recover deletions made to Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS).

SID History Recovery – When restoring deleted objects, their associated SIDs are recovered as well.

Email Notifications – Users are automatically alerted if a backup fails.

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