Premier Client Services

You’ve recently invested in STEALTHbits’ product suite to safeguard your credentials and data; now what?

Premier Client Services Overview

With STEALTHbits’ Premier Client Services program and team of product and subject-matter experts, we’ll expedite the deployment and successful delivery of the products you’ve purchased, providing the resources, tools, and know-how to get the job done.

Service Levels & Deliverables Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Delivered Hours 104 (2 hrs/wk) 208 (4 hrs/wk) 416 (8 hrs/wk) 832 (16 hrs/wk)
Monthly Hours Cap 17 35 70 140
Entitlements Managed by STEALTHbits 10 50 100 Unlimited
Project Discovery and Scoping
Product Deployment
Preconfigured Report Execution
Custom "Run Book"
Health Checks & Maintenance
Upgrade/Patch Installation
Prioritized Escalations
Project Management
Annual Risk Evaluation
Preconfigured Workflows Execution
Custom Reporting
Technology Integration
Customized Workflow Execution
Customized Alerting
AIC Self-Service Enablement
Onsite Resourcing
Multiple Aligned Engineers
Custom Solution Development
Priority 1 Escalations & 4-Hour SLA

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase more than one level of service?

Yes, however, if our Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum packages don’t fit your needs, we’re happy to provide a package tailored to your requirements.

Do I have to have defined business initiatives up front?

Not at all. If you’re not sure what to do or where to allocate your hours, we’ll help you figure it out through a variety of exercises, including proactive discovery conversations and collaboration with any relevant stakeholders in your organization.

Premier Client Services is a consultancy designed to help guide you through the engagement from beginning to end.

Why do I need STEALTHbits Premier Client Services in the first place?

You might not! But if you’re like most organizations these days, you’ve got a lot on your plate and little time to get it all done.

STEALTHbits Premier Client Services can provide expedited delivery of critical projects and functionality your organization needs to achieve compliance with stringent regulatory standards, automate manual, time consuming processes, and secure your most sensitive assets – all without distraction to your current, full-time staff.

Don’t see your question here?

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