STEALTHbits File Activity Monitor

File Activity Monitor

The ability to monitor file access activity across file shares residing on NAS and Windows devices represents both a tremendous gap and opportunity for organizations looking to identify threats, achieve compliance, and streamline operations.

Unfortunately, most organizations can’t answer the most basic questions surrounding data activity because of two primary reasons:

  1. They can’t enable, configure, or understand native logging
  2. They can’t afford to purchase third-party solutions containing the capabilities they need

The STEALTHbits Advantage

Just the data. Simple. Easy. Affordable.

The STEALTHbits File Activity Monitor is a simple to install, easy to use, affordable solution that monitors and stores file activity for Windows File Servers and NAS devices (NetApp, EMC, Hitachi), without any reliance on native logging. The solution is designed to provide users with:

  • The ability to collect all or specific file activity for specific values or specific combinations of values
  • A clean, simple UI to view the results of the queries executed against the data
  • The ability to feed file activity data to alternative technologies like SIEM and/or export data in formats that are easy to understand and work with

File Activity Monitoring Dashboard

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Collect up to 17 different event types across files and folders and at any scope. With streamlined data gathering, you’ll not only get the details of every event, but at a fraction of the size compared to native event logs.


Data Sheet - File Activity Monitoring

Data Sheet - STEALTHbits File Activity Monitor

Executive Brief - Stand-Alone File Activity Monitoring

Executive Brief - Stand-Alone File Activity Monitoring

white Paper - 5 Challenges with Monitoring Windows File Activity

White Paper - 5 Challenges with Monitoring Windows File Activity