Public Folder Clean-Up

Public Folders are old, they’re costing you the unnecessary expense, and are putting your organization at risk. Over the course of a decade, they’ve grown stale, new and better collaboration technologies have been adopted, and there’s a high potential for sensitive data to be sitting unprotected in this largely ungoverned data repository.

Stealthbits has been enabling the world’s largest organizations to clean up their Public Folder infrastructures for years, providing a proven workflow to assess, analyze, verify, and reduce Public Folders with ease and with cost-effectiveness in mind.


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The Stealthbits Solution: Public Folder Cleanup Workflow

Through the use of the StealthAUDIT Management Platform, Public Folder data is collected and analyzed. StealthAUDIT collects the most critical piece of data needed for successful cleanup campaigns, each folder’s “Most Probable Owner”, which is determined based upon a unique algorithm within StealthAUDIT’s Public Folder Data Collector.

Armed with this critical information and other important Public Folder details, organizations are capable of making highly informed decisions about the fate of each Public Folder.

Public Folder Cleanup Workflow Descriptions

Flexible Public Folder Cleanup Delivery Options

Professional Services

For organizations that prefer to operate the solution on their own, but would like assistance and cleanup workflow customizations, Stealthbits is happy to provide Professional Service options.

Managed Services

Stealthbits provides a full Managed Service offering for the cleanup of Public Folders. Stealthbits’ Engineers will operate the product and the cleanup workflow from start to finish.



StealthAUDIT for Exchange - Public Folder Cleanup


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