Reduce Security Risks

If you have any technology, then you have technology risks. The only choice an organization can make is to work to reduce their risk. That means identifying the assets that need protecting, understanding the controls in place and their vulnerabilities, and improving those controls. Of course, that all has to be done without disrupting the business.

How Stealthbits Can Help

Stealthbits gives you the visibility you need to see the vulnerabilities in your current controls and the means to improve controls so you can significantly reduce your risk exposure. Here’s a small sample of what we can do for you:

  • Expose unmanaged administrative rights
  • Show all access granted to sensitive data
  • Protect critical configurations and security groups from unauthorized changes
  • Detect insider threats in real time
  • Identify business owners for unstructured data and have them review access granted to data
  • Increase the value of your other mission critical solutions such as IAM and SIEM.
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