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RSA identity access management and identity governance solutions join forces with Stealthbits data governance solutions to protect structured data and unstructured data

Increasing the Security Reach for RSA Investments

RSA’s Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Governance solutions power the security of the most demanding organizations in the world. Stealthbits extends the reach of those solutions into the world of unstructured data security. Stealthbits tells you who has access to data, what sensitive information that data may contain, and how people are using that access. RSA plugs that data directly into their IAM and Governance solutions to deliver a clear picture of access as a whole. Thanks to the interoperability built into both Stealthbits and RSA, the two solutions plug in seamlessly and increase the value of both investments.

The Benefits of Partnership

RSA and Stealthbits go to market together in multiple ways. It’s possible that if you’re using the RSA platform, you already have a piece of the Stealthbits solution powering it. By working together, RSA and Stealthbits have ensured that you can depend on the technology, support, and services of both organizations are seamlessly integrated.

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