Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance

Making Sure Your Organization’s Data is in IT Compliance with SOX

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What is the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act?

The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act was established as Federal law for all publicly held corporations within the United States and establishes extensive civil and criminal penalties (fines/prison time) for noncompliance. The SOX Act has made it mandatory for organizations to make sure that their confidential financial information is accurate and the systems generating the information are reliable. The main driver behind the establishment of SOX is to ensure that verifiable security controls are in place within organizations to protect against the disclosure of confidential financial data, as well as provide detailed insight and tracking of employees that have access to confidential financial data. This helps to detect data tampering, which may be a sign of fraudulent activity.

Do I need to comply with SOX?

Your organization MUST comply with SOX if it is:

  • Publicly traded

All publicly-traded companies in the United States, including all wholly-owned subsidiaries, and all publicly-traded non-US companies doing in business in the US are effected.

  • A private company, but is planning to offer an initial public offering (IPO)

Private companies that are preparing for their initial public offering (IPO) also need to comply with certain provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley.

How STEALTHbits Enables SOX Compliance

SOX Compliance - Deep Insight and Security Intelligence to IT Systems

Deep Insight and Security Intelligence to IT Systems Under SOX Compliance

Combining user and server activity with baseline conformance and change detection capabilities, STEALTHbits' solutions enables clear visibility into the changes occurring across critical systems, applications, and data stores, in addition to whether or not those changes were authorized according to SOX policy definitions. This known state of SOX compliance can then be actively monitored and protected in real-time to prevent unauthorized changes from occurring, giving a lifecycle approach to SOX compliance.

SOX Compliance - Real-Time Change Insight, Detection, and Reporting

Real-Time Change Insight, Detection, and Reporting for SOX Compliance

STEALTHbits’ solutions deliver confidence to agencies and organizations by detecting and immediately alerting on any unauthorized or ad hoc change that circumvented established security policies to security and compliance custodians. With an audit trail that is secured and not reliant upon native system logging, IT staff have the ability to provide step by step insight to auditors or assessors during the audit cycle and arm them with detailed reports that demonstrate changes made to their information systems can be detected, corrections verified, and anomalies found, explained, and account for.


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