Self-Service Access Requests

The process through which access is requested and granted is often ill-defined and inefficient. IT is generally responsible for granting end-users access to resources without knowing whether or not those users should actually have that access, since finding the right person to approve a request can be cumbersome or impossible. The gap ineffective communication between IT and the business results in inappropriate access being granted without anyone’s knowledge.


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The Stealthbits Solution: Benefits of Self-Service Access Requests

Stealthbits enables the end-user to submit access requests directly to the resource’s business owner. Owners can then determine whether or not a given end user should be granted access to the resource. IT has total visibility into the workflow, but the business is empowered to manage access to their own data all within an easy-to-use automated workflow.

Increase Efficieny

Remove IT from the day-to-day workflow of granting access requests.

Improve Security

Ensure that business users take responsibility for access to their own resources.

Better end-user Experience

End users can request access to the resources they need at any time, track their requests and even see their request history.



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