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Our number one goal is your project’s ultimate success. Whether your organization is in need of strategic guidance, manpower, or technology training, our Professional Services team is up to the challenge.

With nearly a century of combined experience and expertise, our team will do what it takes to ensure your project is successfully completed on time and on budget.

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How We Do It

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Active Directory Cleanup Projects

Over time AD has become a mess, hindering large-scale projects such as Identity Access Management and migration or consolidation initiatives. Our team will provide an assessment of the state of your AD and design a remediation plan based on your organization’s specific goals and requirements.

Public Folder Cleanup Projects

Often overlooked until it’s too late, large numbers of Public Folders in your Exchange environment can impede your efforts to embrace new technology such as Office 365. Our tried and tested Public Folder Cleanup offering is guaranteed to help you wrap your arms around your ever-expanding inventory of Public Folders and the data they contain. We help you identify who is responsible for each folder as well as whether or not the folder is empty.

Entitlement Review Process Implementations

Business-driven security should be the goal of any organization. A good access certification process coupled with the right tools to give the business the power to review and manage who has access to their data is the best way to achieve this. Our team is skilled at implementing these processes and immediately generating results.

Audit & Compliance Alignments

Everyone gets audited in one way or another and it can be extremely difficult to prove compliance. We are here to guide you through a full assessment of who has access to what within your environment, how they are getting their access and what sensitive information may be exposed as a result to ensure you have the answers you need when auditors come knocking.

Open Share Remediation

Shares that anyone can write to render even the best security powerless. It’s simple, not everyone should have access to everything. Our team has developed a proven workflow for identifying open shares, determining which ones contain sensitive data, and then locking down access to them.

Ownership Identification

No one knows who should have access to what better than the person that is responsible for the information. Identifying the best data owner can be a difficult, time-consuming task. We provide our clients with the expertise and tools to quickly determine and associate data owners with the resources they’re responsible for.