SIEM Integrations

Analysts agree that the excessive noise of native logs, an absence of context, and a shortage of people with the proper skills to make SIEM produce meaningful output, significantly hinder SIEM’s effectiveness.

Stealthbits’ streamlined, enriched activity monitoring solutions for unstructured data and Active Directory silence the noise and surface meaningful security intelligence with context, drastically reducing the burden on Security Analysts.

We integrate with the market’s leading SIEM solutions.

SIEM Integrations - Splunk
SIEM Integrations - IBM
SIEM Integrations - LogRhythm
SIEM Integrations - AlienVault
SIEM Integrations - Micro Focuse
SIEM Integrations - RSA
SIEM Integrations - McAfee
SIEM Integrations - Securonix
SIEM Integrations - Exabeam
SIEM Integrations - SolarWinds
SIEM Integrations - Fortinet
SIEM Integrations - FireEye

How Stealthbits Can Help

Stealthbits provides the best approach for eliminating SIEM’s biggest blind spots. With the ability to intelligently feed SIEM every file touch, authentication, change, and more with and all the corresponding details and zero performance impact, Security Analysts can finally see and understand who is interacting with their data and accessing their resources, from where, when, and what they’re doing.

Preconfigured dashboards and certified integrations with the market’s leading SIEM vendors makes setup a trivial task and the time to value immediate.

Stealthbits addresses a challenge with native log data that I’ve struggled with for 8 years. Stealthbits does the analytical work for me, specifically detecting modern attack vectors like horizontal account movement, the kind of technique that enables attackers to acquire privileged credentials and do the most damage."

- Security Engineer at a Large Investment Firm

Challenges with Native Logging

Stealthbits overcomes each of these limitations, providing full event details without any reliance on native logging.

File Systems

  • Too Much Noise - Unusable Events, Performance Impact
  • Temporary Files - Unusable Events, Produces Fales Positive
  • Permission Changes - Event Translation (SDDL)
  • File Moves - Multiple Levels of Correlation Required
  • Event Filtering - Ineffective Event Suppression

Active Directory

  • Group Membership Changes - Origination, Effective Changes, Inconsistencies
  • Group Policy Changes - Origination, Change Details
  • Directory Reads - Noise, Origination, Access Denied, LDAP
  • Authentication - Noise, Missing Information
  • Permission Changes and Object Protection - Event Translation (SDDL), Manual Comparison, Object Protection Disablement


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