Technology Integrations

Extend Functionality. Increase Value.

We know you have made significant investments in other mission critical security solutions. STEALTHbits provides insight into data security you can’t get any other way. With our flexible architecture and open database schema, we can easily integrate with other solutions to expand the breadth of data protection.

Technology Integrations

Our Integrations

We integrate with the leading Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions, Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) systems, and Service Management (SM) technologies.

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Identity Access Management Integrations

The vast majority of an organization’s data is stored in unstructured form on file systems and SharePoint sites. We extend your IAM solutions into the world of unstructured data to ensure that all of your information is protected.

Security Information & Event Management Integrations

All SIEM solutions rely on native Microsoft logs to derive key insights about the security events occurring across critical systems and applications. These logs are generic, incomplete, and full of unnecessary data that obscures the security events you care about. We identify authentication-based attacks and dangerous AD change activity in real-time and deliver this information to SIEM in a single event, making it easy to see.

Service Management Software Integrations

Once an IT organization establishes a good process for handling changes to their environment, there is no sense in disrupting it. Issues, such as AD account lockouts, that are identified using STEALTHbits’ tools can be fed directly into your CMDB so they can be remediated the way your IT organization is used to.