SM Software Integrations

If it’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It

A good process shouldn’t be altered. Often times though, bringing in additional technology solutions to solve a number of problems results in numerous different processes for remediation based on each tool. All of this is in addition to your Service Management (SM) software that is supposed to be the gatekeeper of changes to the environment.

SM Software Integrations Workflow

How STEALTHbits Can Help

When we find an issue, such as an account lockout, we will automatically create a ticket in your Service Management system. When we come across a change, we can feed it to your configuration management system to be recorded in the CMDB. This way, your help desk or IT organization can remediate the problem according to the normal change management process, ensuring that all necessary documentation, approvals, and protocols are followed.

We integrate with the leading SM software solution in the market.

Technology Integrations - ServiceNow
  • Identify account lockouts
  • Deprovision stale or inactive users
  • Close open file shares
  • Remediate inappropriate access


Data Sheet - Qradar Integration

Data Sheet - ServiceNow Integration
with StealthAUDIT


StealthAUDIT for Data Access Governance Orb

StealthAUDIT® for Data Access Governance

StealthAUDIT for Active Directory Orb

StealthAUDIT® for Active Directory

StealthAUDIT for Exchange Orb

StealthAUDIT® for

StealthAUDIT for Systems Governance Orb

StealthAUDIT® for Systems Governance