SIEM Integrations

Feed SIEM Intelligence, Not Just Data

The sheer quantity of information that SIEM solutions are responsible for aggregating is enormous and can prevent you from seeing the important events that warrant your attention.

When it comes to securing the hundreds of thousands of systems, applications and data repositories tied to your Active Directory, SIEM relies on native Windows security logs that lack critical information and only add to the clutter of your SIEM.

SIEM Threat Detection

How STEALTHbits Can Help

STEALTHbits monitors all authentication traffic and change activity in real-time within Active Directory, the authentication and authorization hub of your Microsoft infrastructure. With built-in advanced analytics, we identify authentication-based attacks and critical changes as they happen and instantly feed this information into SIEM as a single event.

STEALTHbits addresses a challenge with native log data that I’ve struggled with for 8 years. STEALTHbits does the analytical work for me, specifically detecting modern attack vectors like horizontal account movement, the kind of technique that enables attackers to acquire privileged credentials and do the most damage.

- Security Engineer at a Large Investment Firm

We integrate with the leading SIEM solutions in the market.

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Data Sheet - Qradar Integration

Data Sheet - SIEM Integration

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Video - Supercharging SIEM