Active Directory Cleanup

Clean Up Active Directory Once and for All

Active Directory (AD) provides authentication and authorization services for the majority of IT systems and is growing more complex, less secure, and more difficult to manage over time.

When Active Directory is out of control, it becomes difficult to answer questions about access, prevents you from meeting audit and compliance requirements, and completing major initiatives like Identity and Access Management.

The STEALTHbits Solution

STEALTHbits gives you a complete inventory of your Active Directory objects and relationships. This information enables you to identify the root cause of issues and remediate them in only a few clicks.

3 Keys to AD Cleanup

  1. Stale Object Cleanup – Find and clean the stale users, computers, and groups
  2. Toxic Condition Remediation – Discover and fix conditions such as circular nesting, cross-domain nesting and empty groups
  3. Ownership Identification – Empower non-IT owners of groups and associated data to control access