Cloud Data Access Governance

Who Has Access to The Data In Your Cloud?

Increasing productivity, collaboration and ease of access through cloud-based file storage also increases the risk that information will fall into the wrong hands. As organizations embrace the cloud, they need to ensure only the right people have the right access to their data.

The STEALTHbits Solution

As the leading Data Access Governance solution, we know how to secure access. Just as we do with on premise data storage, STEALTHbits will determine who has access to data stored in the cloud, identify how they are getting that access, and highlight where sensitive data is overexposed.

Learn more about the applications we support:

  1. Office 365 SharePoint Online – Determine who has access to the data stored on SharePoint sites, which files are being shared anonymously, and who owns the data in the first place.
  2. Office 365 OneDrive for Business – Uncover where sensitive data is hiding and ensure only the right people have access to it.
  3. Dropbox for Business – Make sure access is locked down appropriately and that files and folders aren’t being shared with the wrong people.
  4. Azure Active Directory – Get a handle on the keys to access in the cloud by unraveling Azure AD group membership, identifying stale objects, and ensuring that AD is syncing correctly.

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Webinar - Managing Enterprise Storage Systems with the StealthAUDIT Management Platform

Webinar - Managing Enterprise Storage Systems with the StealthAUDIT Management Platform

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