Entitlement Reviews

Entitlement Reviews

Too often IT is making choices about who has access to information despite not knowing what the business implications of that access. The challenge is to empower the people who know the business needs to control access to IT resources, without sacrificing security or efficiency. Entitlement Reviews ensure the right people certify access on a periodic or event-driven basis.

The STEALTHbits Solution

The STEALTHbits Entitlement Review workflows guide business owners through the process of reviewing and certifying access. We give your business owners the context they need to make informed decisions about who should have access to their data.

What Make Entitlement Reviews Successful?

  1. Making sure the right people review the right access.
    • STEALTHbits provides Ownership Identification for unstructured data and the AD objects being reviewed.
  2. Giving reviewers all the context they need to make good decisions.
    • STEALTHbits includes suggestions to guide choices that harness the power of Activity Monitoring, Sensitive Data Discovery, our Effective Access Analysis, and more.
  3. Proving an easy to use interface for the business user.
    • The STEALTHbits Entitlement Reviews have been designed with the non-technical user in mind, are fully web based, and make the entire review process a simple affair.