Ownership Identification

Identify Owners for Business Driven Security

Data belongs to the business, not to IT and no one knows better who should have access to what than business owners. Often, identifying the right person from the business to manage access to data is a challenging task. But without owners, processes like access certifications and self-service requests are doomed to fail.

The STEALTHbits Solution

STEALTHbits uses a number of different criteria to identify the owners of unstructured data resources and AD groups. Automated workflows confirm that the identified owner is the correct choice and associate the owner to the resource or group.

How Can We Identify Owners?

  1. Examining file and folder metadata – By collecting data from the content itself we can suggest probable owners for the entire resource based on the metadata of all the individual files and folders.
  2. Finding common managers – Once we identify all of the people who have access to a given resource or are members of a specific group, we can determine who the managers of those users are. When it looks like several individuals may have the same level of responsibility, common managers serve as great tie breakers.
  3. Tracking user activity – One of the best ways to determine ownership is to monitor who is actually using a specific resource. Those users are excellent candidates for probable owners.