Splunk fschange Alternative

Many organizations are looking for a Splunk fschange alternative and STEALTHbits File Activity Monitoring is that alternative. Monitoring file activity can be a challenging endeavor due to the complexity of configuration and overall performance concerns associated with native auditing. STEALTHbits File Activity Monitoring can help answer some of the most critical questions:

  • What are users doing with their access?
  • Which files did they access?
  • What are they doing to the data?
Maintain an audit trail of all file activity.

Advanced Analytics

  • Determine data ownership
  • Determine who needs access to data
  • Formulate group memberships
  • Identity who is accessing sensitive data
  • Maintain an audit trail of all file activity
Alert on ransomware.

Real-Time Alerting

  • Detect patterns of activity indicative of malware like crypto-ransomware
  • Alert when a user accesses sensitive information
  • Alert when specific conditions are met
Feed file activity to Splunk.

File Activity Monitoring
Just the Data

  • Collect all or specific file activities
  • Easily query file activity to answer simple questions
  • Feed file activity data to Splunk for advanced correlation and safekeeping

In a recent survey conducted by Dimensional Research and commissioned by Preempt, 65% of respondents were concerned about stolen data and abuse of admin credentials.

91% of respondents said insiders have access to systems they shouldn't, and 70% said they're unable to monitor privileged user activities effectively.

-The Growing Security Threat from Insiders

Most organizations store a significant amount of critical and sensitive information within unstructured data on file shares. It is necessary to implement a file monitoring process so it is possible to audit user activities and answer very basic questions around who has accessed, moved, changed, or deleted these files.

File Activity Monitoring Resources