StealthAUDIT® for Active Directory

Take Control of Active Directory Auditing

Active Directory provides authentication and authorization services for the majority of IT systems and it is growing increasingly complex, less secure, and more difficult to manage over time.

StealthAUDIT for Active Directory provides comprehensive, detailed auditing, reporting and remediation capabilities for AD management, security and governance.


The STEALTHbits Advantage

StealthAUDIT for Active Directory relies on comprehensive, fast, agentless scanning of Active Directory that sheds unprecedented light on the relationships between objects in your environment. This data provides the backbone for a number of key features:

  • Stale & Duplicate Object Remediation
  • Group Membership Analysis
  • Group Grants &
    Effective Access Analysis
  • Change Auditing
  • Access Change Modeling
  • Probable Owner Identification
  • Security Best Practices Reports

Learn why organizations all over the world rely on StealthAUDIT for Active Directory to maintain a clean, optimized and secure AD environment.

Active Directory probable group owners report identifies the probable manager of a group based on effective member attributes.

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StealthAUDIT Object Cleanup workflows identify stale users and computers, and empty or duplicate groups so they can be automatically deprovisioned in a controlled, step-wise process.

Active Directory security best practices report identifies high-risk conditions for remediation.

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Automatically discover and highlight where high-risk conditions exist in your AD environment and summarize them in a prepackaged Executive Summary for management. Show how they can be remediated with minimal effort.

Active Directory migrations and consolidations require cleaning up unused objects like empty groups.

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Ensure migration and consolidation projects are successful by removing the mess and complexity cluttering your Active Directory. Reduce migration costs by moving only the objects that you need.

Active Directory entitlement reviews enable business owners to manage their AD groups

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Enable business owners to get involved in the management of their AD groups. Conduct Entitlement Reviews so business owners can attest to their group’s membership on a regular basis.

Active Directory group membership self-service enables end users to request access to groups.

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Reduce the drag on your IT or help desk by giving end users the ability to request access to the groups they need.

Active Directory probable group owner report identifies the probable manager based on effective member attributes.

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Identify the business owner of an AD security group or distribution list using out-of-the-box algorithms, and assign the owner automatically in Active Directory.