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Reduce data access and permissions and automate controls

StealthAUDIT provides an automated, scalable, interoperable platform to govern unstructured data. Interoperability with IAM, HR systems, and other applications facilitates automated workflows to secure sensitive data, apply a consistent permissions model and enforce least-privileged access control.

Data governance framework for governing access to data.

Govern Access

Put the business owners of information in charge of access, and align security realities with business expectations.

Automate least privilege access for file systems.

Automate Controls

Automate least privilege access for file systems to facilitate effective governance at scale and drastically accelerate time-to-value.

File system auditing to know who is access data and what they are doing with it.

Monitor Activity

Answer your most pressing security questions in real time: Who is accessing my data? What are they doing with it? Where did that folder go?

Protecting sensitive data with data access governance and a data classification policy for data security.

Discover & Classify Sensitive Data

Classify your data to provide context for governance and security controls with an understanding of the actual information you’re protecting.

Identifying data owners for data access governance that works with sensitive information identification and stale data remediation.

Identify Business

Automate the process of finding the business owners of data so they can make decisions data security and clean-up.

Identify and remediate the risk of unstructured data by finding and closing inappropriate open access to reduce the effectiveness of ransomware.

Remediate Open

Eliminate one of the greatest risk to your data easily and quickly, reducing the threat surface and the effectiveness of any ransomware attack.

StealthAUDIT® Data Access Governance Suite Reports

  • Automating entitlement reviews with visibility into sensitive data and who has been accessing it.
  • Automating a least privileged model for file systems.
  • File system monitoring of users activity in access files and sensitive data.
  • Identifying and assigning data ownership.
  • Govern Access: Sensitive Data Review

    Automate entitlement reviews

    Examine each user’s access to sensitive data

    Owner can grant or remove access

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  • Automate Controls: Change Modeling

    View proposed access changes before committing

    Assess potential impact by share with full account details

    See pie chart with % affected by access changes

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  • Monitor Activity: User Audit

    Monitor user activity

    See activity statistics numerically and graphically

    Drill-down into specific activity details

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  • Probable Owners: Identify Resource Owner

    Select from three kinds of possible owners

    Have the user confirm or deny resource ownership on console or via email

    Ask user to suggest who the actual owner is

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