StealthAUDIT for File Systems

Comprehensive File System Security and Governance

Every day, end users create files in the form of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and hundreds of other formats, and store them on Network File Shares. Managing and protecting this unstructured data presents significant challenges to organizations of every size.

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The Power of StealthAUDIT for File Systems

StealthAUDIT for File Systems allows organizations to satisfy stringent compliance requirements and reduce their risk exposure by enabling complete and automated access governance controls over unstructured data residing in the File System, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

File System Security Tools

StealthAUDIT for File Systems - Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Obtain accurate, up-to-date views of where risks lie and powerful workflows to remediate them, including sensitive data classification and Open Access remediation.

File System Access Governance

StealthAUDIT for File Systems - Empower Data Owners

Empower Data Owners

Utilize proven ownership workflows to identify probable owners and gain the ability to confirm ownership to be sure the right people have been put in charge of important access decisions.

File System Compliance Reporting

StealthAUDIT for File Systems - Fulfill Audit Requirements

Fulfill Audit Requirements

Leverage out-of-the-box capabilities, including reporting, workflows, and remediation techniques to ensure that compliance requirements are met with minimal effort.

Start Protecting Unstructured Data

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Current Applications

StealthAUDIT is highly extensible and offers seamless integration capabilities with third-party and home-grown applications. The platform was built with an open architecture, meaning the data is stored in a highly optimized SQL database. Integration approaches are well-documented to ensure customers can truly get the most value out of the data.


Hitachi ID - IAM Integration
Microsoft - IAM Integration
IBM - IAM Integration
Core Security - IAM Integration
RSA - IAM Integration


Qradar - SIEM Integration
Splunk - SIEM Integration
Alien Valut - SIEM Integration
Logrhythm - SIEM Integration
Micro Focus - SIEM Integration

Key Features

  • Permissions Auditing
  • Effective Access Calculation
  • File Metadata Collection
  • Probable Owner Identification
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Sensitive Data Discovery
  • File Classification
  • Governance Workflows
  • Preconfigured Reporting
  • Broad Platform Support
  • Scoping and Event Suppression

Top Use Cases

  • Open Access Reporting & Remediation
  • Access Transformation
  • Storage Reclamation
  • Forensic Investigation
  • IAM Integration


StealthAUDIT for File Systems

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