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Comprehensive Oracle auditing and monitoring for security and compliance.

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Oracle Database Auditing with StealthAUDIT

Organizations around the world rely on Oracle databases to power their mission-critical applications and store their most sensitive data, which means Oracle database security and uptime are fundamental to their bottom line.

With StealthAUDIT, organizations can reliably manage and secure their Oracle databases, from finding where they are to who has access to what, how, and what they’re doing with their access privileges, where their sensitive data resides, where misconfigurations and vulnerabilities exist, and more.

StealthAUDIT for Oracle Delivers…

Automated Oracle Instance Discovery

Automate discovery to ensure all collections and monitoring functions are targeting your entire Oracle database infrastructure.

Oracle SQL Activity Monitoring

Monitor every event within every database and instance, with specific views on events in databases containing sensitive information.

SQL Access & Permissions Auditing

Understand, track and control database, public, schema, and server permissions at the deepest levels, along with surgical views into user and role assignments.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Discover sensitive data at any level, including table and column names, and row values. Additionally, tune sensitive data searches with modifiable controls.

Preconfigured Reporting

Hit the ground running with preconfigured reports focused on Users and Roles, Sensitive Data, Permissions, Configuration, and Activity.

Workflow Composition

Leverage the full power of StealthAUDIT to automate processes in their entirety, including integration with 3rd party solutions and more.

Toxic Condition Identification

Automatically identify “toxic” conditions via vulnerability assessments which verify that well-known and lesser-known security “best practices” are adhered to across all your Oracle database instances.

"Great platform to improve security & data governance"

- Director of Infrastructure & Security in the Finance Industry

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Audit Oracle Activity and Configuration for Automated Security & Compliance Reporting

Want to know who accessed your sensitive data? How about which databases are configured incorrectly or where they are in the first place? StealthAUDIT for Oracle makes answering even the hardest questions quick and easy. It even automates the generation of compliance reports or custom workflows to save you time and increase efficiency.

  • Audit Oracle Access Rights and Permissions

    With so many ways to grant access and a multitude of permission levels to choose from, keeping tabs on who can do what within even just one Oracle database can be a daunting task, let alone dozens, hundreds, or more. With StealthAUDIT for Oracle, every angle of access is inventoried and monitored for change so you’ll never lose sight again.

See the market’s most comprehensive auditing, reporting, and governance platform in action.

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