StealthAUDIT® for Systems

Foundation-level security starts with an understanding of critical configurations and conditions across an organization’s desktop and server infrastructure. StealthAUDIT for Systems provides the deepest visibility across your endpoints, allowing organizations to discover security vulnerabilities, enforce security and operational policies, and govern entitlements to every system.

Local administrators report identifies servers with the largest local administrator groups in the environment along with effective membership details.

The STEALTHbits Advantage

StealthAUDIT for Systems is relied upon by the world’s largest organizations because of its high-speed, scalable, agentless architecture. With visibility into every aspect of Windows and Unix operating systems, StealthAUDIT gathers vital information that automates and addresses security, compliance, and operational requirements in a single solution.

Desktop and server auditing and reporting to determine effective access and permissions and govern entitlements to local administrator groups.

Auditing, Reporting, & Governance

Audit and inventory a variety of systems, leverage dozens of preconfigured reports or create your own, determine effective access and permissions, as well as govern entitlements to local groups.

Windows server auditing and reporting to identify changes to objects, attributes, local security policies, Local Admin group membership, service accounts, and privileged accounts.

Change Detection

Scan and compare reports on object, attribute, and local security policy changes, Local Administrators membership, Service Accounts, and Privileged Accounts; with no reliance on native logs.

Desktop and server infrastructure baseline analysis of configurations and conditions to enforce security and operational policies.

Configuration Baseline Analysis

Analyze then enforce security and operational policies through recommended prevention of changes and access that violate best practices or put your organization at risk.

Windows and Unix operating systems vulnerability assessment based on Microsoft best practices to automatically discover critical conditions and misconfigurations.

Vulnerability Assessment

Obtain deep visibility into virtually every aspect of an operating system, highlighting critical data points relating to the security, compliance, vulnerabilities, and operational efficiency of the managed infrastructure.

Automatically find and fix inappropriate admin rights, overprovisioned access and misconfigured security policies in your desktop and server infrastructure.

Clean-up & Workflow

Systematically identify and clean up conditions related to over-provisioned access, admin equivalent rights, and misconfigured security policies; with key capabilities enabling end-user entitlement ownership reviews via flexible workflows.

Endpoint auditing and security solution integrates with other technology investments.


Seamlessly integrate with a robust partner ecosystem of PIM, CMDB, IAM, IAG, and PPM technologies.

Learn why organizations rely on StealthAUDIT to assess the security and configuration of all their endpoints


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Data Sheet - StealthAUDIT® for Systems

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