StealthAUDIT for Unix

Comprehensive Configuration and Security Auditing for Unix and Linux

Unix and Linux operating systems are often selected to support an organization’s most critical computing functions because of the power and control they provide. As a byproduct of their criticality, it’s imperative that Administrators understand what systems are in use, how they are configured, and how they have been secured.

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The Power of StealthAUDIT for Unix and Linux

StealthAUDIT for Unix has been preconfigured to provide deep visibility into important Unix concepts including privileged access rights, user and group details, and sharing configurations. Additionally, StealthAUDIT provides extensible, flexible controls capable of reaching into any aspect of Unix/Linux, facilitating and automating any collection, analysis, and reporting task at enterprise-scale.

StealthAUDIT for SQL - 360° Visibility

Privileged Access

Automatically discover and parse all rights granted via sudoers, in addition to identifying the owners of critical files such as password, shadow, sudoers, hosts, deny, and more

StealthAUDIT for SQL - Automated Discovery, Security, & Compliance

Users and Groups

Inventory and analyze User and Group details, highlighting issues including password security settings, “toxic” group conditions such as duplicate/empty/large groups, and inconsistencies across systems

StealthAUDIT for SQL - Flexible & Extensible


Assess and analyze NFS and Samba share configurations for potentially insecure share settings, highlighting and categorizing high, medium, and low risk scenarios through generated reports

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Key Features

  • Preconfigured and Customizable Data Collection
  • Secure Credential Management
  • Integrated Analysis and Reporting
  • Alerting and Remediation Instrumentation

Top Use Cases

  • Identify Local Users and Groups
  • Determine Privileged Access Rights (Sudo)
  • Identify Insecure Password Setting Configurations
  • Determine Security of Configured File Shares
  • Determine Ownership of Critical Files


StealthAUDIT for Unix

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