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Comprehensive Unix and Linux auditing for security and compliance.

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Unix and Linux Auditing with StealthAUDIT

Unix and Linux operating systems are often selected to support an organization’s most critical computing functions because of the power and control they provide. As a byproduct of their criticality, it’s imperative that Administrators understand what systems are in use, how they are configured, and how they have been secured.

StealthAUDIT for Unix and Linux has been preconfigured to provide deep visibility into important Unix and Linux administration concepts, including privileged access rights, user and group details, and sharing configurations.

StealthAUDIT for Unix and Linux Delivers…

Unix and Linux Privileged Account Discovery

Automatically discover and parse all rights granted via sudoers and identify the owners of critical files such as passwd, shadow, sudoers, hosts.deny, and more.

Unix and Linux User and Group Auditing

Inventory and analyze User and Group details to identify issues including password security settings, “toxic” group conditions, and system inconsistencies.

Unix and Linux Sharing Configuration

Assess and analyze NFS and Samba share configurations to identify and categorize high, medium, and low risk scenarios through generated reports.

Customizable Data Collection & Reporting

StealthAUDIT’s Unix/Linux, NIS, and LDAP data collectors provide deep, surgical visibility into virtually any piece of information available within the OS and applicable directory structures.

Workflow Composition

Leverage the full power of StealthAUDIT to automate processes in their entirety, including remediation workflows to fix issues programmatically or automatically.

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Audit Unix and Linux Server Access and Configuration for Security and Compliance

You know how important your Unix and Linux servers are, but do you know who has access to them and what they can do? Are you sure their configurations are set properly for security, compliance, and operational efficiency? StealthAUDIT for Unix and Linux makes it easy to find where your vulnerabilities exist so you can fix them fast.

  • Audit Unix and Linux Sharing Configuration

    Improperly configured file share settings on Unix and Linux systems can inadvertently result in significant and undue security risk that could otherwise be easily avoided through proper visibility. StealthAUDIT for Unix and Linux automatically assesses and analyzes NFS and Samba share configurations for potentially insecure share settings, highlighting and categorizing high, medium, and low risk scenarios through generated reports.

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StealthAUDIT for Unix and Linux

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