StealthAUDIT® for Windows

Discover privileged access rights and security vulnerabilities to lock down the most fundamental part of your infrastructure.

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Feature in Focus: Privileged Account Discovery

Security starts with an understanding of critical configurations and conditions across an organization’s desktop and server infrastructure. Your ability to protect privileged accounts, especially those embedded in services and local groups, is key to a strong defense. StealthAUDIT for Windows provides in-depth visibility across endpoints, allowing organizations to discover privileged access rights and security vulnerabilities, enforce security and operational policies, and govern entitlements to every system.

Entitlement review to audit local admin rights

Auditing, Reporting, & Governance

StealthAUDIT for Windows helps you find the right security configurations and business owners of systems so you can protect these systems in accordance with industry best practices.

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Do a vulnerability assessment to identify suspicious powershell commands and other security vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Assessment

The number of threats today is growing at such a rapid pace that no one can hope to stay ahead without intelligent automation to help find system and configuration vulnerabilities that could make or break your defenses.

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See reports detailing changes to local admin membership, local security policies, service accounts and privileged accounts.

Change Detection

Scan and compare reports on object, attribute, and local security policy changes, Local Administrators membership, Service Accounts, and Privileged Accounts—without reliance on native logs.

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Check WDigest settings so clear text passwords cannot be stored in memory.

Configuration Baseline Analysis

Out-of-the box reports to identify improper security configurations to enforce security and operational policies through preventing changes and access that violate best practices and put your organization at risk.

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Learn why organizations rely on StealthAUDIT to assess the security and configuration of all their endpoints


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