On-Premises Free Trial - StealthAUDIT

StealthAUDIT allows for the management and control of access to unstructured data, systems and critical applications. This free trial downloads in seconds and allows organizations to trial the platform in their own environment, and installs ready to support several business-critical use cases.

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Active Directory Assessment


  • Who is in sensitive security groups like Domain Admins
  • Which AD objects are stale and can be removed
  • Toxic group conditions such as circular nesting
  • Which admins have passwords that never expire
Permissions Analyzer Assessment

Without clear understanding of who can do what in AD, the security of everything connected to it is in jeopardy.


  • Who can reset passwords on sensitive accounts
  • Which trustees can change the membership of critical security groups like Domain Admins
  • Where and what permissions are applied to Organizational Units (OUs)
  • Who effectively has privileged access to AD as a result of their applied permissions
Local Admin Access Assessment

Immediately begin discovering the privileged accounts you never knew existed!

Open Share Assessment

Even the best security is powerless in the face of a file share that nearly everyone has access to, especially one that contains sensitive data you didn't even know was out there.

StealthAUDIT Security Best Practices Assessment

Find and fix the top AD and Windows Security Issues with these 10 checks:

  1. Sensitive Security Groups
  2. Local Administrators
  3. Stale User Accounts
  4. Plaintext Passwords
  5. Domain Controller (DC) Logon Rights
  6. LSA Protection
  7. Password Status
  8. Nested Groups
  9. Open Access
  10. Server Logon Rights

Note: Limit 2 free downloads per customer. Additional usage may result in licensing fees. End User License Agreement