StealthDEFEND® for Active Directory

Active Directory is under attack. StealthDEFEND for Active Directory detects and responds to advanced AD attacks in real-time and with unprecedented accuracy.​


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Detect Active Directory Threats

The threat against Active Directory is real.

From Golden Tickets to DCShadow, the tactics, techniques, and procedures attackers are leveraging to compromise AD are substantially more sophisticated than in years past, requiring a different approach in order to address these modern threats.

"We found that the attackers queried the AD (Active Directory) server to obtain the list of employees including administrator accounts, and subsequently performed password brute-force attacks on the administrator accounts."

"It is important to note is that attackers already have been ploughing around in a victim's Active Directory so in order to flush out any remaining backdoor accounts a full AD review needs to be undertaken,"

"When more advanced attackers gain remote access to a victim's network, they may spend weeks or months exploring it in depth, trying to escalate privileges to take control of Active Directory, as well as seeking systems that store valuable or sensitive information."

Real-Time Threat Detection & Response

StealthDEFEND provides the ability to detect, alert, investigate and respond to advanced threats against Active Directory, in real-time.

Automatically mapping the detailed structure of your enterprise, StealthDEFEND leverages a highly tuned and enriched feed of security and operational activity happening inside of Active Directory to learn how users and devices behave.

This information enables StealthDEFEND to detect abnormal and outlier behaviors, reconnaissance activities, and targeted attacks using advanced techniques.

See the market’s most advanced threat detection and response platform for Active Directory attacks in action.

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Why StealthDEFEND?

Simplified Advanced Threat Detection
Advanced attacks against Active Directory are highly complicated, which is why StealthDEFEND is designed to take the guesswork out of the equation.

Policy Enforcement
StealthDEFEND identifies a wide variety of activities in contradiction to security best practices and raises informational events for security teams to evaluate and respond to risk.

Enhanced and Reduced Time to Detection
StealthDEFEND focuses on helping organizations reduce time to detection and containment resulting in lower cost should a breach occur.

Increased Efficiency
Built-in integration with the market’s leading SIEM solutions and other popular technologies such as ServiceNow, Slack, and Microsoft teams ensures threat data resides in the places you need and want it most.

Attack Timeline
StealthDEFEND makes it easy to visualize corresponding activities related to suspicious behavior through its attack timeline.

Instant Awareness
Truly real-time alerts are triggered instantly and can be delivered in a variety of ways, including email, integration with a SIEM via syslog, or other relevant technologies.

StealthDEFEND for Active Directory

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