Storage Reclamation: How Much Can You Save?

The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) estimates that the annual cost of storage is $4,025 per terabyte. With organizations using only 40% of stored data, this adds up to a lot of wasted expense; and that figure doesn’t even take into account the cost of maintaining storage, which runs another $22k to $150k in IT labor hours a year.

By identifying and removing old data from file systems, file shares, and collaboration sites, your organization can save hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of dollars.

When I saw how much we could save on storage reclamation alone, I knew establishing data access governance controls and automating storage policies was the right way to go.

- Global Fortune 500 company

Want to find out how much you can save? Then take advantage of the Storage Reclamation Calculator. By entering a few key pieces of information like ‘how many terabytes of data your organization currently stores’ and ‘what percentage of that data hasn’t been accessed in 3 years’, you’ll be able to determine how much you can cut costs.