Controlling Access to Mailboxes and Public Folders


A global bank was using three different tools to manage Exchange. It needed to consolidate on one platform because the tools lacked integration, required manual work, were costly to maintain, and did not meet requirements like visibility into mobile infrastructure operations.


The bank’s IT managers replaced their current tools with StealthAUDIT for Exchange to manage 350,000 users globally. This move gave them visibility into who had access to Exchange mailboxes, public folders, and distribution lists—including privileged access—and how they were using it. With this insight, they were able to improve the security and operations of mail flow, and audit and clean up public folders—reducing risk and cost and improving performance and compliance

StealthAUDIT for Exchange’s automated data collection, analysis, and remediation capabilities helped the bank meet these requirements:

  • Distribution List Clean-up - Gathered data on Distribution List usage, ownership, and membership to reduce the number of distribution lists and control future growth. The bank also eliminated ‘toxic conditions’ like distribution lists that contained more than 10% of the user population or had circular nesting, leading to improved security and performance.

  • Mobile Device Management - Provided insight into Exchange ActiveSync and BlackBerry Enterprise Server, with detailed analytics to assess mobile infrastructure health. StealthAUDIT’s agentless data collection and 70+ preconfigured reports enabled deployment to mobile devices in minutes, rather than weeks.

  • Exchange Reporting System Requirements - Automated the processes for data gathering and reporting on messages, mailbox users, public folders, distribution lists, and servers using 300 preconfigured reports. The automated processes and pre-configured reports improved productivity, compliance, and cost savings.

  • Exchange and DLP Configuration Management Requirements - Automated the assessment of the bank’s Exchange Servers and the baseline configuration analysis of its Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tool. These checks helped ensure the right settings were in place so Exchange servers could perform at their best and sensitive data remained inside the corporate network.


By standardizing on one, automated platform, the bank realized significant productivity gains and cost savings, while improving Exchange security, compliance, and performance.

Monthly Organizational Report—Message Volume

StealthAUDIT - Organizational Report Message Volume

About STEALTHbits Technologies, Inc.

STEALTHbits Technologies is a data security software company focused on protecting an organization’s credentials and sensitive information. By removing inappropriate data access, enforcing security policy, and detecting advanced threats, we reduce security risk, fulfill compliance requirements and decrease operations expense.

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In Brief:

  • Leading global bank needed to consolidate the management of Exchange on one platform

  • Using StealthAUDIT for Exchange, the bank gained full visibility into its Exchange infrastructure across 350,000 users worldwide

  • By automating data collection, analysis/reporting, and remediation, the bank improved security, compliance, and productivity—resulting in significant savings


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