Cleaning up Public Folders, File Systems, and AD Toxic Conditions


A leading IT services provider embarked on a corporate-wide customer success initiative. The company was already using StealthAUDIT for Exchange and StealthAUDIT for Active Directory to maintain its own infrastructure (70,000 users), and decided to leverage these solutions to offer managed services to its commercial and public sector clients.


The IT services provider began by using StealthAUDIT for Exchange to manage Exchange for one of the big three educational publishers (34,000 users) and one of the largest U.S. state governments (6,500 users). The solution automated data collection across the Exchange ecosystem, providing complete visibility into the access and permissions of mailboxes, public folders, and distribution lists.

The services provider then used StealthAUDIT for Active Directory (AD) to identify toxic conditions within AD as well as inappropriate access to File Systems.

With these tools, the provider was able to help its clients focus on improving security and performance in these areas:

  • Security and Compliance - Mailbox logon monitoring and permissions control auditing enabled the provider to show its clients who had access to Exchange mailboxes, how permissions were granted, and what users were doing with these rights. This analysis allowed the provider to detect and fix security issues such as unwanted non-mailbox owner logons and permission changes. In addition, automated scanning of Active Directory and File Systems enabled the provider to identify and remediate clients’ stale users and nested groups in AD and remove open access to file shares.

  • Operational Efficiency - Tracking user activity helped remove stale resources from public folders, accounts, and mailboxes, resulting in the provider’s clients being able to align resources to user needs, which boosted productivity and reduced the threat surface.

  • Performance Metrics - Using an analytics dashboard for assessing the health of Exchange servers, the provider was able to maintain its clients’ uptime by proactively addressing underlying performance issues. The provider was also able to meet client SLAs for mail delivery times, server uptime, remote procedure call (RPC) latency, database availability groups (DAGs), and more.

  • Improved Reporting - Generating reports with extended attributes for users, including their access rights and management reporting structure, helped ensure users’ access levels and activities remained in compliance.


Using StealthAUDIT for Exchange and StealthAUDIT for Active Directory, the IT services provider has generated more revenue and profits from efficient, effective managed services. Additionally, it has succeeded in its customer success initiative by measurably improving clients’ productivity and piece-of-mind with greater security, compliance, and performance.

Average Hourly Mail Volume

StealthAUDIT - Average Hourly Mail Volume

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STEALTHbits Technologies is a data security software company focused on protecting an organization’s credentials and sensitive information. By removing inappropriate data access, enforcing security policy, and detecting advanced threats, we reduce security risk, fulfill compliance requirements and decrease operations expense.

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In Brief:

  • A leading IT services provider needed tools to better manage Exchange and AD for its global Customer Success Initiative

  • The provider deployed StealthAUDIT for Exchange and StealthAUDIT for Active Directory to manage both its clients’ infrastructures and its own—supporting 100,000+ users

  • The services provider improved Exchange and AD performance while reducing security risk, fulfilling compliance requirements, and decreasing operations expense


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