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Managing and securing unstructured data poses significant challenges that manual methods and legacy point products fail to address. Modern cybersecurity teams seek automated, effective solutions—not standalone technology that must be manually operated.

Reduce data access and permissions and automate controls

Starting with a clean and consistent permissions model is critical to the success of any governance initiative. A Resource Based Group model is the easiest to manage and most suitable for facilitating self-service entitlement reviews. STEALTHbits and Varonis both recommend this model, However, only STEALTHbits can implement it automatically. Provisioning new groups, populating the groups, and cleaning up ACLs does not need to be an arduous manual process. StealthAUDIT automates the entire to process to facilitate effective governance at scale and drastically accelerate time-to-value.

Automation also ensures adherence to written policies such as retention or off-boarding. For example, StealthAUDIT can check your HR system to see which users have been terminated and automatically start the off-boarding procedure at the appropriate time. If policy mandates moving files, revoking access to sensitive data, disabling accounts, or moving a user to another OU, let StealthAUDIT do it for you. Automated governance takes human error out of the equation.

Scalability & Interoperability

Large enterprises around the world have adopted STEALTHbits to secure their most critical information. STEALTHbits often replaces legacy manual solutions, like Varonis, for customers that need to identify and remediate access on a global scale.

StealthAUDIT is uniquely equipped to handle large environments, not only due to its highly scalable architecture, but also due to its ability to automatically identify hosts on the network and bring them into scope for analysis. The first step to implementing a successful governance program is identifying and assessing all file repositories across the organization. A file share cannot be monitored, checked for sensitive data, or secured until you know it exists. Varonis requires you to manually name each server, which is nearly an impossible task for most large enterprises.


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