Varonis vs. STEALTHbits

Varonis vs. STEALTHbits – Which is right for you?

Making an informed choice

Features and functionality are only a part of the equation when evaluating technology investments. It is equally important to understand the underlying architecture and footprint of a potential solution to ensure it fits the organization’s business and security needs. Many companies have made unstructured data governance a priority in recent years, and this often means evaluating the StealthAUDIT Management Platform from STEALTHbits against Varonis’ DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege products. Both suites support data access governance initiatives, but each solution utilizes a completely different approach.

Why Choose Varonis?

Varonis’ solutions leverage a “my way or the highway” approach to data access governance. Here are some of the reasons an organization might choose Varonis for their governance needs.

  • If you are looking for a point solution for permissions management
  • If you are looking for a solution based on a closed architecture, designed to collect and analyze a specific set of information
  • If you are comfortable with deploying agents to your servers
  • If you have the time and infrastructure resources to devote to a more complex deployment
  • If you do not need in-depth insight and knowledge of Active Directory

Why Choose STEALTHbits?

We pride ourselves on giving our customers full control over their data through our solutions. Collect the data you need and use it how you see fit. The benefits of the StealthAUDIT Management Platform include:

  • Lightweight, agentless-led architecture
  • True enterprise scalability and performance
  • Open framework designed to give you total control over every aspect of your data
  • Easily integrate with other enterprise security systems (IAM, SIEM, DLP, etc.)
  • Wide variety of data collectors with the flexibility to get information from disparate sources
  • Deep insight and knowledge of Active Directory
  • Single user interface for each user persona
  • Powerful action modules, providing the ability to take action on any set of data
  • Email alerts ensure users are aware of important environmental information
  • Easily consume data analysis via graphical web-based reports

The choice is yours

In the end, the decision to invest in an unstructured data management solution is crucial to your organization. To learn more about how the StealthAUDIT Management Platform can provide the deep insight and functionality necessary to understand and control your unstructured data environment, contact us today for a demonstration or download our DAG Buyer’s Guide.

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