Active Directory Auditing and Reporting

Active Directory Auditing and Reporting enables you to inventory, analyze and report on Active Directory to secure and optimize AD.


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Why Do You Need Active Directory Auditing and Reporting

To ensure Active Directory security requires that you understand what is in it, configure it properly, monitor it closely, and control it tightly. To do this you need to regularly audit all aspects of AD and get reports that can be easily reviewed and verified. While built-in tools and PowerShell scripts allow you to spot check, they are not adequate for a comprehensive audit and reporting program. Whether you need to assess your security, address internal or external compliance, or verify that your AD objects adhere to your standards, Stealthbits purpose-built audit and reporting tools make the job easy and efficient. Understandable, customizable reports that provide comprehensive inventories or specific analyses can be scheduled on a regular basis or produce ad-hoc as needed.

AD Objects & Attributes

Collect and analyze data on all your AD objects and attributes to determine the overall health of your Active Directory.

Privileged Accounts and Sensitive Security Groups

Review and remediate users with admin rights to AD and Windows Systems, including effective membership in sensitive groups.

Group Policy Objects (GPOs)

Audit and report on Group Policy Objects with all the details, including link order, user and computer settings, and complete policy elements.

Active Directory Permissions

Find users and groups with permissions to domain controllers and organizational units.

Organizations without the tools to automate the monitoring and reporting of privileged access within their AD-centric environments always end up having embarrassing numbers of people with unsanctioned authority. Stealthbits’ AD solutions automate the laborious tasks associated with constantly ensuring AD security."

Stealthbits Success Story - City of Greater Sudbury

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Active Directory Auditing Reports

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