Active Directory Auditing and Reporting

Active Directory Auditing and Reporting enables you to inventory, analyze and report on Active Directory to secure and optimize AD.

Audit and report on Active Directory objects and attributes.

AD Objects & Attributes

Collect and analyze data on all your AD objects and attributes to determine the overall health of your Active Directory.

Audit Active Directory privileged accounts and govern sensitive security group membership

Privileged Accounts and Sensitive Security Groups

Review and remediate users with admin rights to AD and Windows Systems, including effective membership in sensitive groups.

Audit and report on Active Directory Group Policy Objects

Group Policy Objects (GPOs)

Audit and report on Group Policy Objects with all the details, including link order, user and computer settings, and complete policy elements.

Audit and Report on Active Directory Permissions

Active Directory Permissions

Find users and groups with permissions to domain controllers and organizational units.

By using automated reports to see at a glance where users’ effective access is coming from, we save countless hours that would have been spent sifting through orphaned groups, nested groups, and other toxic Active Directory conditions. This enables us to fix access issues quickly.

Best Practice Reports for Auditing Active Directory

Active Directory Auditing and Reporting software enables you to inventory, analyze and report on Active Directory domains and objects to gain insight into the overall state of Active Directory. With this complete view, you can clean-up AD toxic conditions like stale objects, remediate overprivileged access, and align permissions to your business, security, and operational needs.

Active Directory summary report provides an overview of user, group, and computer objects and statistics

Clean-up Toxic Conditions in Active Directory

Identify and clean-up toxic conditions in Active Directory like stale users, groups, and computers, accounts with non-expiring or old passwords, empty and duplicate groups and circular nesting. Automatically remediate, clean-up, and monitor your progress in re-provisioning and de-provisioning workflows to improve your security posture and operational performance.

Active Directory stale groups report highlights groups with stale effective membership for remediation

Discover and Evaluate Privileged Accounts

Complete your Active Directory Security Audit Checklist. Know which user accounts have administrative rights to Active Directory, their effective membership in sensitive groups like domain, enterprise and schema admins, and whether they have logon rights to Domain Controllers (DCs) and Organizational Units (OUs).

The Active Directory Domain Controller Logon Rights report highlights which accounts and groups have the ability to log onto an AD Domain Controller.