Active Directory Security Portfolio

Manage and Secure Active Directory with One Integrated Suite

The security of Active Directory (AD) has never been more important, which is why it is now one of the top priorities for every CISO. Constantly under attack and more complex than ever to manage, it is critical that organizations have the right tools to manage and secure Active Directory in the most efficient and effective manner.

STEALTHbits suite of Active Directory management and security solutions enables organizations to inventory and clean-up Active Directory, audit permissions and govern access, rollback and recover from unwanted or malicious changes, and monitor and detect threats in real-time.

Active Directory (AD) organizational unit permissions report provides an overview of users and groups that have access to organizational units (OUs) in Active Directory.

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STEALTHbits is on a Quest to be Your Active Directory Security Solution Provider:

Audit Active Directory objects and conditions, analyze effective permissions, and govern group membership and access through self-service requests.

Auditing, Reporting, & Governance

Audit and inventory anything within Active Directory, leverage dozens of preconfigured reports or create your own, determine effective permissions, and govern entitlements to anything connected to AD.

Detect and prevent privileged account abuse and unwanted object, attribute, and GPO changes.

Change & Access Monitoring

Monitor, alert, and report on object, attribute, and GPO changes, authentication, and LDAP queries and traffic in real-time and with no reliance on native logs.

Identify and block non-compliant changes and access in Active Directory by defining custom policies.

Protection & Prevention

Enforce security and operational policies through proactive prevention of changes and access that violate best practices or put your organization at risk.

Detect and stop authentication-based attacks such as lateral movement, brute force, account hacking, breached passwords, and concurrent logins.

Attack Detection

Detect patterns of behavior associated with reconnaissance, credential theft, and account compromise like lateral movement, suspicious LDAP queries, and Golden Ticket attacks.

Automate Active Directory clean-up to deprovision stale objects and empty groups, reduce group nesting, force password changes, and remove direct permissions to sensitive security entitlements

Clean-up & Workflow

Automatically or programmatically clean up stale objects and toxic conditions, move, delete, or modify objects in bulk, and automate disparate processes through flexible workflow.

Rollback and recover Active Directory objects, attributes, group memberships, DNS entries, state of accounts, and OU permissions without downtime.

Rollback & Recovery

Easily roll back unintended or malicious changes to objects and attributes, restore deleted items, and recover to previous points in time without downtime.