IAM Integrations

IAM and IGA have done a great job locking down access to applications. Now, these capabilities are being extended to cloud-based applications, databases, and anywhere else there's a place to point a connector.

Securing access to unstructured data stored on file systems and SharePoint sites isn’t as straight forward. Without a centralized access model to connect to, IAM has trouble discerning who truly has access to what information.


We integrate with the leading IAM solutions in the market.

Technology Integrations - Hitachi ID
Technology Integrations - Omada
Technology Integrations - RSA
Technology Integrations - IBM
Technology Integrations - SAVIYNT

How Stealthbits Can Help

Stealthbits provides IAM with a single place to connect to for all unstructured data access information. We aggregate metadata and permissions from all of the distributed systems that contribute to the determination of who has access to what unstructured data. From that information, we calculate Effective Access, which is the real answer to who has access to what regardless of how many layers of permissions, policies, and directory structures may be involved. Armed with this information, your IAM system can manage access to this data along with your applications and other resources.


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Extending IAM into Unstructured Data


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