IAM Integrations

Identity is a foundational security concept in the digital age, which is why strong Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) programs are among the highest priorities for organizations around the globe.

But there are critical gaps in the identity equation that limit the level of risk that can be mitigated, the effectiveness of identity policies and workflows, and the visibility Identity platforms need to truly be in control of it all.


Stealthbits Makes IAM Better

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Reduce the Attack Surface

Privileged accounts are much too privileged

Eliminate Ineffective Policies and Workflows

Active Directory is messy and vulnerable

Control your Data, Wherever it Lives

Typical IAM platforms are blind to 80% of all data

Integrate With Any Identity Platform

Our flexible architecture and proven approach makes it possible to work and integrate with any identity platform, including the industry’s most popular vendors and even homegrown solutions.

Technology Integrations - Hitachi ID
Technology Integrations - Omada
Technology Integrations - RSA
Technology Integrations - IBM
Technology Integrations - SAVIYNT
Technology Integrations - Oracle
Technology Integrations - MicroFocus
Technology Integrations - One Identity
Technology Integrations - SailPoint


Extend your IAM platform’s control over the 80% of data it has no visibility into today – your unstructured data – allowing you to provision, deprovision, and govern access to all your data with complete confidence.

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Situate your IAM program for success by cleaning up and securing Active Directory, the primary identity store within almost every organization and a primary target in almost every breach scenario.

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Remove the standing privileges your privileged accounts maintain to your most privileged systems and applications through a modern, task-based approach to PAM delivered Just-in-Time and with Just-Enough privilege.

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Data Access Governance Overview


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Active Directory Security and Management Overview


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Privileged Access Management Overview


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