LDAP Monitoring for Security

Reconnaissance is the first phase of every targeted attack. AD objects and their attributes are ready targets as they can be viewed by all authenticated users. LDAP queries are commonly used to explore Active Directory to discover users, groups, and computers.

Microsoft provides no easy way to monitor LDAP queries to see the query that was issued and where it came from. Even turning on diagnostic level LDAP monitoring provides little value and is not advised by Microsoft, as it will generate a tremendous amount of noise in the event logs.

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LDAP Security Monitoring detects suspicious LDAP queries used to perform reconnaissance on Active Directory.

StealthINTERCEPT enables organizations to easily detect and respond to the reconnaissance activities of attackers looking to leverage information gathered from AD objects and entities. Security teams can readily notice early signs of compromise to safeguard systems and the sensitive data they contain.

Active Directory LDAP monitoring for Active Directory security monitors suspicious LDAP queries against Active Directory objects like the membership of privileged security groups and the location of sensitive assets.

LDAP Monitoring

Monitor LDAP queries in real-time to see the query issued and where it came from.

Active Directory LDAP security monitoring of network reconnaissance activities helps detect early signs of attack as part of Active Directory Management and Security.

Network Reconnaissance

Detect bad actors’ attack techniques and behaviors without the need for native logs.

Active Directory LDAP event monitoring integrates with SIEM and enriches security events to identify reconnaissance activities of an inside threat actor, as well as external attackers.

LDAP Events Enrich SIEM

Feed real-time LDAP events into SIEM so analysts can make informed decisions about threats.

Active Directory LDAP monitoring for network reconnaissance to detect and prevent cyber attacks earlier in the kill chain.

Kill Chain Reconnaissance

Stop an attack early in the kill chain with insight from LDAP enrichment of security events.

That’s the beauty of StealthINTERCEPT. We can not only detect the attack as its happening, but we can pinpoint the affected machines right away, accelerating remediation and recovery efforts."

- Large Midwest Hospital




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